Thursday, 29 January 2015

Early morning double

My last session was again on the wonderful Wye, I arrived just before dawn with a plan of fishing as the first rays of light for the day were popping over the horizon, the river levels showed that a pulse of water had raised the level on the Saturday, I hope that it had peaked and started to drop for my Sunday session.
My first view of the swim initially gave me a dour response as there was more water pushing through that I would have liked but it was still fishable so he who dares Rodney.....

I had a dozen casts using the lure rod first but without any signs so as the lure rod was put up the bank a float-pat Sardine was dropped into the nearside slack. I had only been sat on the mat a minute and was trying to extract the flask from the rucksack when the baitrunner fizzed off, who was I to think the conditions weren't right! After a scrap that was in the flow for the majority of it a decent Pike was in the bag, first of the day within a couple of minutes and she registered 14lb 4oz on the scales.

A good start and the bait was back out in the slack again, guts hanging out from the first fish but that would do more good than harm in my mind.....
Another twenty minutes and there were signs on the bung that I had another interested customer, I struck into the fish and again a fight in the flow was soon over and the second fish was in the bag, this time a smaller sample of 11lb 9oz, a decent enough start to the session. Another hour in the peg and I decided on a move upstream to another stretch.

Snowdrops were starting to show on the riverbank, probably covered with snow now as I type this!

I had a further two hours upstream in a couple of likely looking slacks but no further takers for the rest of the session but I was happy enough with the days results. I was hoping to be on the river again this weekend but at the minute that isn't looking likely.......

Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Year Pike PB

Happy New Year to all, I hope that 2015 brings all your fishy dreams!

My first outing of 15 was on the River Wye, NYE had been the tail end of  3 day cold snap but NY day saw a rise to a heady 12 deg C with a little rain so I planned to fish the following day to see if the temp rise had woken a few fish up, a session on the Warks Avon on Dec 30th was very tough indeed on a cold slate grey river.

I arrived late morning onto the stretch and found the river at NWL and running quite clear, the Barbel fishing may not happen until dusk but I was happy with the river condition for my attempt for a Pike. I started in a very compact swim with my lure outfit, a small slack was the area I targeted but it was capable of holding a Pike, I ran the Fox Rep through a dozen times but no Pike fancied mauling my lure that day. I moved back into the main swim and repeated the lure attack but again without any takers so I dropped a float-pat herring down into the nearside slack whilst I assembled the Barbel rod that went out with a glugged boilie and groundbait feeder. Within half an hour the Barbel rod was away with a very 'Chubby' take, indeed it was and a fish of about 3lb was brought to the net.
The fishing then went quiet but I had enough to keep me entertained with two of the local wildlife keeping me company, the usual winter Robin was with me all day, continuing to take away tit bits plus a Mallard decided that he would plant himself down next to me on the bank, a very confident young man that also had a few tit bits during the day.
The light was beginning to drop when the Pike bung eventually looked like it was being troubled, I had to jump over my new found friend who was sat next to my chair although he wasn't bothered by my sudden acrobatics, I tightened down to the fish and a good scrap ensued before I netted my first esox of the year, on the scales she went 12lb 6oz, not a bad start.

With the fish returned and enough light left the rod was put back into the slack whilst I put together the second Barb rod that would go out when the light had gone, I was just about to retrieve the Pike rod when the bung bobbed once before sliding into the depths and this time the baitrunner fizzed as a better fish left the scene with my Herring, upon tightening down this did indeed feel like a better fish and again a good scrap was played out with the fish snagging me on some bankside stick ups at one stage but she was soon in the net, upon removing the fish from the water she felt heavy and the scales showed a figure of 19lb 2oz, a new PB, happy days indeed!

A beautiful fish and after she was returned she held in the flow for a few seconds before dropping back into the depths, a great sight indeed with the vivid markings showing clearly on her.
I had intended to stay late and hope that a Barbel or two would appear but I was happy enough with my lot, I did stay for a further hour and another 3lb Chub came my way but by 7PM I was away and I drove home a very happy angler.