Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Still & Running


It has been a while since my last blog update, I have been fishing but not had the luxury of time to keep the blog up to date.
My spring Tenching has continued, all focused on one water, the catches have been very inconsistent, two seasons ago a few Tench could be caught during the day on typical Tench baits but this year there have been more fish caught at night to Carpers baits. I have fished during the day as that is what has suited, fish have come but by god have I had to work for them. The last four fish have all come to float tactics, no better way to catch Tench in my opinion, yes the feeder/alarm approach works but it bores me after a while so the float has been a part of my armoury of late.

6lb float caught Tench

5.07 float caught Tench

The Tench do not seem to be anywhere near spawning yet so I hope to have another couple of cracks at them over the next 3 weeks although a trip to South Africa with work may cut that down. I will try anyway as Tench are a fish I love to catch and the water has really drawn me in.


The 16th has been and gone and I made plans to get onto the Warks Avon after work to get a few hours in, stick/pin using caster/hemp was the main attack, to catch anything that swam, no real stress or targets for this session, it was just good to be back beside running water amongst the lush greenery that had sprung up over the past few weeks. The first cast saw the float dip and a nice hand sized Dace was swung to hand, a nice start, the second run through saw the float go further down the run and the fish had ideas of running me into a far bank willow, after a decent tussle a Chub of around 3 1/2lb was in the bag, I was enjoying this!

I continued to take a mix of Chub & Dace on the float until about 7.15 when I decided that I would bait drop most of the caster I had remaining and let it settle, a barbel attack would follow but after around 3/4 pint and 1/2 pint hemp had been deposited I went for a mooch to check out a couple of pegs that I fancy float fishing in this season. It was probably 3/4 hour after when I swung out an in-line feeder with 4 rubber casters on a size 12, half an hour later and only a couple of tiny knocks I decided to change the bait and slipped 2 x 8mm Krill boilies onto the hair, 5 minutes later and I saw a couple of whacks on the tip before a 3 foot twitch left me in no doubt, I thought a Chub was the culprit but after a couple of prolonged lunges a Barbel was seen, soon in the net and the session was complete. Not a huge fish at 6.13 but a good enough start for the first day, I knew this peg held Barbel and I had fished it enough last season without any luck so I was happy enough, the second session on the river is already well into the planning stages!

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