Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bank holiday fishing

The first May bank holiday was upon us and Tench were the target, my campaign has been stuttering this year as had it with many of my friends, the mild winter gave us the expectation that the Tench would be on it a bit earlier this year but it is only in the past week to 10 days that I have heard of consistent catches.
My intended venue was a very nice one on the eye, it holds some great Tench too plus a few other surprises, always a pleasure to fish there as far as I am concerned. I arrived with a friend about 8.15am and we found a further 9 cars in the car park, all with wet overnight windows so they had been on all night, more than likely Carpers but they do readily tell you of any Tench caught, we packed the barrows and headed around the water to the windward bank where we had caught well previously, en route we spoke to the Carpers and sure enough a few Tench had been caught during the night but everything had slowed down since dawn.

I chose a spot where I had caught before and after a bit of work with the marker float I found two decent spots to spomb a bit of bait onto, by 9.30 I was fishing, an inline magg feeder on one and a method on the other. The day was getting warm but the fishing was distinctly slow, out of the blue the magg feeder rod ripped off at 12PM, I picked the rod up and straight away knew that there was nothing attached as the run had been so fierce, upon retrieving the rig I found the hook gone, a clean break just above where the knot would have been, bite off or damaged/weak section?  I will never know. Back out went a fresh rig with expectations heightened a little as at least there were fish in the area. The temperature rose but the fishing remained cold, it wasn't until 4PM when the method rod rattled off and after a short spell locked in a weedbed I managed to nail a Tench, a male of 5lb 6oz.

I was hopeful of more action but not long after the fish was banked the wind dropped and the lake was as flat as a pancake, no fizzing was evident either, just a couple of cruising Carp. The margins had a few snails evident, super huge snails at that! Plenty of natural food in here for the fish.

We fished on until 8PM, my mate had a single fish also, a male Tench of 5lb 10oz, not the hit we wanted but we caught at least, plans are being made to return.


Josh and I visited another Tench venue on Monday, another warm day with a slightly stiffer breeze though. I was fishing two rods, method rod fishing 15mm boilie and a float rod with double/treble corn or double 10mm pellet, the reason for the bigger baits was to try and avoid the hordes of Rudd that live in the lake. It took a few minutes for the Rudd to find our baits and then it was non stop action with them, they would take anything that we cast at them! I had a good walk round the lake to see if any Tench could be spotted in the margins but only Rudd were visible. On returning to the swim I decided to go for broke with the Rudd, hoping that a Tench may put an appearance in but most of the time the bait was taken before it had reached the bottom, a net was slowly being put together and with our host a few pegs away he was also hammering the Rudd out, an eventual net of 32lb was weighed, this was what we could do whilst trying to catch Tench!

Before we left I did a fair amount of plumbing using a marker float, I had been told that the lake was quite deep in the centre but after a lot of thrashing with the marker I found an average of 7 feet with a deep hole of 11 feet, I will attack the deeper water next time and hope that the margins hold most if not all of the Rudd, hopefully leaving the Tench to graze alone in the deeper water, time will tell.