Thursday, 24 April 2014

Lazy Sunday morning

I had ventured out for Tench, I had ventured out using drop shotting gear, I had ventured out float fishing for anything that swims, none of the aforementioned sessions were very productive, April is a difficult time of year and things were looking grim, enthusiasm was ebbing......
Last Sunday provided me with an opening to get the gear in the car again, Tench are always my favourite species at this time of year but the two waters I favour were an hours drive and resulted in sitting behind two rods on alarms, that wasn't floating the boat for me, I fancied seeing a float itself dipping under the surface film so a trip much closer to home was made.

I arrived at the chosen venue a little after 7AM and the sights and sounds were delightful, bird song greeted me on setting foot on the bank and a little mist swirled across the surface as the early suns rays started to burn through it, not much brown left now, everything is fresh and green, spring is here and things are starting to move, I hoped the fish were in the same frame of mind!

On walking around the venue I came across a fellow Blogger, Mick Newey of fame, Mick and I had traded emails aplenty over the past 12 months but this was the first time we had actually met, good to meet you Mick!

I chose two attacks on my chosen peg, the earlier mentioned float and a 'sleeper' method feeder using pop up corn as bait across to the far bank. The latter rod was cast out and left to its devices whilst I set up the 13ft float rod using a .075g pole float as indication, maggot & chopped worm were to be the bait of choice with corn and pellet as back up. It was bite time from the off on the float and Perch after Perch were swung in, nothing huge but action and the aim of the day was met, the float was dipping, I was catching and it was a lazy Sunday, no stress, no pressure, just relaxing fishing for once. I do tend to have specific targets when I fish and I plan meticulously before every session I fish, that is a big part of it for me but today it was sit back, relax and take whatever swam my way......
The Perch continued to take the worm but then I had a couple of nice Roach that were pushing the pound mark, things were looking up. I was thinking that the 'sleeper' method rod hadn't woken up yet, I had recast 4 times in the same spot without a knock but suddenly the loose clutch I had set was spinning and I lifted into a reasonable fish, for its sixe it fought well, after pumping the fish across from the far margin it was desperate to get into the near back reeds to try and shed the hook but a but of pressure persuaded it out and into the net, the first Tench of 2014 was on the bank, not huge at around 2 1/2-3lb but a welcome capture.

I had now started to use corn or pellet as hookbait on the float rod in an attempt to lure a resident Crucian or more Tench, the small Perch were getting a bit of a menace. Bites slowed down on the different baits and were much harder to hit leading me to believe that a combination of Roach, Crucian & Tench were the culprits. The bites were occasionally hit and indeed I landed another couple of nice Roach, a couple of Cruican around a pound and another small Tench, all great fun on the light float gear. I did have a Crucian laid out ready for its pic but it performed the most exceptional flick then dive off the mat I have ever seen!

I had a further take on the method rod just before packing up which was a Silver Bream of about 10oz, the venue is famed for them and apparently holds them over a pound.

Quite a few of the venues Carp population were noted sunning themselves in a corner on my way off so I may place my method rod in that area next time to try and snare one as some of them looked good fish and worth a scrap with.

I maybe back this Sunday for a further lazy morning as I quite enjoyed the one just gone.......

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