Saturday, 5 April 2014

Draycote afloat

It was time for Trout, I had purchased a fly fishing outfit some years ago to keep me on the rivers in the close season fishing for Grayling but I had promised Josh a trip to Draycote afloat for a Trout.
I had been in touch with the venue manager a week or two before for info of how the place was fishing and what flies to use etc, he kindly offered to put me a goody bag of fluff together and with that the boat was booked for yesterday afternoon.
We arrived just after 4PM and when the fluff was purchased and the boat loaded we were off about 4.30 onto the waters of Draycote, it was Josh' first time fishing afloat although he had fished/cast with the Trout set up before, catching a few Rudd in the process.
The area we were intending to fish was quite busy being fished by bank anglers so we anchored up short of them and started to see what we could attract, a few casts in and I felt a few plucks but the strike met thin air, this happened a couple of more times with one strike resulting in a hooked fish but it soon dropped off. We had a move and yet again Josh had a few plucks and lost another after a brief tussle. It was not long before the anchor had to be lifted for the final time that night (had to be back on the jetty for 7.15) when the line tightened once again but this time I told Josh to try a slow lift rather than a strike and bingo he was in! After a good tug o war I slipped the net under our first Draycote Trout, job done!

The guys on the bank were really hammering them as dusk approached and we had a fair few more casts to try and catch another but it wasn't to be. We had enjoyed it and that was the main thing, we will definitely be back on there but may give the bank a try, Josh also has a fly starter kit on his birthday list in May so we can hit it together in the future.

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