Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hail or Shine.......

The rivers are now behind us for another season so it is the stillwaters that we now look to satisfy the craving. I had managed to secure a free 10M pole from a fishing buddy up North so it was with that item of tackle Josh and I headed to a local water last Saturday, I had checked the weather forecast the days leading to the weekend and Saturday soon emerged as the day as I read 0% chance of rain with cloud/sun mix, cannot complain for mid March, the brolly was packed anyway......
We arrived at about 1PM and I soon had Josh fishing with the top 4 sections of the pole using maggot, I was on the next peg fishing a large pole float with a lobworm beneath it aiming for the resident Perch or anything that swam. Josh had taken a couple of small Perch and I had just settled into my swim when the 'plip plop' of the first rain drops started to resound around us, within 30 seconds there were pretty large hailstones mullering down upon us so up the bank we scampered and the brolly was erected quick time.

Deserted hail battered swim

The hail storm didn't last long so we were back on it, I had forgotten to fold down my chair in my haste to get the brolly up so it was wet backside time for me and Josh wasn't loving holding his now wet & cold pole so that soon went up the bank whilst he drank the contents of his flask. I asked him if he was to return but then the second hail storm descended, this was a bruiser and lasted around 15 minutes, we had now probably spent more time under the brolly sheltering from hail than actually fishing, don't you just love this bloody country......not!
The impending ice balls cleared and we were free to fish, I caught a reasonable Roach about a pound quickly followed by a slightly smaller Perch, the Perch (and all others caught on the day) were as fat as footballs, obviously they hadn't spawned just yet, I had wondered with the mild weather and thought that they would have done so but it seemed not on this water. 

Josh wasn't impressed with the conditions and as it was only a short fire session that was that, we caught eight fish between us and Josh needs a pole roller but on the whole we enjoyed it.

The tackle has been cleaned from the past river campaign, Barbel & Pike rods have been dismantled and the Tench & Fly outfits have found their way to the front of the rod holders in the garage. The current 10 day weather outlook isn't bad with temps rising after today/tomorrows rain. An evening session on Draycote is planned for next Friday for us and maybe the first Tench session too on the Sunday, fingers crossed all round.

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