Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Curtain call on the Wye

Thursday 13th was my last session on running water for the 2013/14 season, as per the majority of other river anglers the winter of 13/14 had been a literal wash out. The River Wye was again the chosen venue for my last bow as it has done for the past 3 seasons, I do like it down there, a great river and great surroundings so why not.
I left Coventry at 5.30am and instantly was hampered with thick fog making it slow going on small local roads, the A & M roads were better but it was usually because I was following tail lights in front which is a dangerous past time in itself! I eventually pulled into the car park at 6.45 and was on the bank for 7, foggy conditions still surrounding me but now it was very atmospheric rather than a hindrance, I have usually found that fish feed in fog, don't ask me why but that is my finding anyway. A two rod approach was the order of the day, a sardine on a float/pat for the Pike down the edge and a Barbel rod halfway over using a single pellet on a long nylon link with pellet and groundbait in a feeder.
Atmospheric Wye morning

The second cast with the Barbel rod saw the tip bump a couple of times before the feeder shifted and over the tip went, a good scrap soon saw a plump Barbel in the net, she looked a big 8 but the scales showed 9lb 7oz, always nice when they do that.

9.07 Wye Barbel

The next cast saw a repeat and another good ruck saw another Barb in the net, a bit smaller than the first fish and the scale agreed this time and showed 8lb 8oz, this is good, this fish had a nice white edge to its tail fins.

8.08 Wye Barb

The sun now started to burn through the fog and with it the fish backed away and the bites ceased, I had noticed a couple of bobs & dips on the Pike bung and when I retrieved the Sardine it was in a bit of a mess, the marks didn't look like Pike teeth marks, maybe Crayfish or Eels but I have not heard or seen the former plus I was fishing a popped up bait so I am open to ideas guys?

Sardine stripped 

The sun grew stronger and I retrieved the Barbel rod and started to trot a lobworm tail along the nearside crease, I have never seen a Perch on this stretch of the Wye but I am sure that they are there, I fed maggot & chopped lobs for over an hour but only caught one fish, a daft Trout about 2lbs, no Perch or Chub to be seen.
I went for a walk along the stretch to take a look at other swims and got the Barbel rod back out at 4PM, a short while later it was away and a Barb about 6lb was duly landed and returned, I hoped for further action but dusk came and went and I fished into dark until 8PM without a touch on either Barbel or Pike rod. I was hoping for another Pike but it was deadly silent on the rod all day despite positioning the bait above & below my fishing position, I was later to find that Pike were caught in the swim earlier on in the week but not today......
I bid the river farewell and that was that for another 3 months, I cant wait already.

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