Thursday, 27 February 2014

Trout reservoir Piking, not as easy as it looks......

Back in July last year a ticket was offered for a days Pike fishing on Blithfield Trout reservoir, as you would I took it without a second thought and as the day approached the thoughts were in my mind about what the day could possibly bring. I had never fished Blith but I had fished Chew in Nov 2012 and although I blanked I would definitely return as the one thing that you do know on waters of this type is that although you still have to find the fish you definitely know that they are in there somewhere. That mystery of not knowing on other waters for other species what maybe taking your offering you may say is the magic of our sport and I would agree but the buzz of also knowing that a 40lb Pike could be the next fish you cradle is also a fix that I can live with!
My boat partner had tickets booked the previous two Saturdays but alas the recent weather saw the days cancelled so we had no idea how the old esox were feeling and where they maybe residing, so a blank canvas was what we were starting on, no change there then.
The day in question was good in regards to weather, fairly mild, overcast and a light/med breeze were favourable conditions in my book. We headed off the staging in boat 18 at 8am and lures were trolled immediately as we slowly chugged up the res towards the top left hand arm of the two bays.

It was all quiet in the southern part of the res but not long after we motored under the road bridge (ducking as the water was quite high) my boat buddy had a take on a trolled plastic, a decent trout had grabbed the lure and after a few jumps threw the hooks. We then proceeded to cover most of the margins of the Northern half trolling but nothing came our way.  The water was quite coloured probably because of the river flowing into the res so we made an executive decision and headed back under the bridge into the lower half of the res with the hope that the clearer water would give us a better chance of a take. Again we trolled the margins of the complete lower half but without any luck, we also stopped and fished static deadbaits a couple of times but apart from a daft Trout hitting my float all was quiet.
A Goshawk was spotted during the afternoon, first chasing a couple of Oystercatchers before diving at a Coot and then moving onto a Crow, a busy bird indeed!
The day was drawn to an end without anything to wet out net, we enjoyed it anyway, there is something special about being afloat and we will be back again for another go.

With only 15 days being left until another river season curtain falls I am hoping to wet a line on running water a couple of times, the Wye will probably be my chosen water with Pike & Barbel being the quarry, one can hope.

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