Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

I only managed a couple of short session during the festive break, the weather as I am sure you will agree hasn't been ideal, the rivers are up and down (and in some locations out!) but I did manage to get on my local stretch on the Warks Avon as it was fining down after recent rains, it had only just started to fine down as it was still over its banks in a couple of spots.  I took a quiver rod and a tub of lobworms and dropped them into any likely looking areas, the result was 2 Chub, one around a pound and the second about 3 -1/2, I enjoyed the session and that was the main thing.

I then snook out at the crack of dawn yesterday to fish a local commercial for Perch, two rods, a feeder containing chopped worm & red maggot with prawn on the hook and a float set up using lobworm on the hook. It took an hour or so for the first bite and I missed it, and the second, I hit the third but bumped the fish off after a couple of seconds, small fish or cagey Perch that were not taking the whole worm?  The heavens then opened and a hooli wind prevailed for an hour with the accompanying horizontal rain, thankfully the brolly was packed and already erected as the weather forecast did look 'changeable'...........
I did eventually land a fish, again the sum of two was again the total, both Perch, the best nudging a pound but nowhere near what I was hoping for, another day maybe.

The year of 2013 from a fishing perspective hasn't been my best, one solitary large Barbel over 10lb off the Trent although a good catch on the float from the Severn was a highlight. My Perch hunt hasn't set anything alight either this year, Tench were moody from my normal water although Josh and I have stumbled across a new lake that does seem to hold some fish, further investigation required his spring there!  The Pike I caught in December was my years highlight as it broke my long standing PB for the species, river Piking is something that intrigues me and I would like to do more of it, but whenever do we not want to do more fishing!

So all that remains is for me to wish you all Happy New Year and best fishes for 2014.