Thursday, 26 December 2013

It's been a while........

For various reasons I haven't updated my blog for a while, I have been ill, I have been busy at work, I have had family issues, all reasons I know but I have also felt that my fishing mojo has gone walkabout elsewhere of late, a few blanks here and there, bad weather etc etc but I really haven't felt as though I have been anyway the top of my gears of late.

Anyway that is the bad stuff out of the way! A general catch up on personal stuff, I turned 40 in November, scary stuff when I think of how quickly those 40 years have passed me by.......
I managed to gather some nice fishy items as presents, two Tench rods built on Harrison Chimera 2 blanks were built for me by Mick Holgate ( Top job again Mick :)  I also received a new pair of willies, a pair of Arctic Sport Muckboots, only worn them a couple of times so far but very impressed. The next item was a pair of new polarised glasses, I went for these -    I have been told great things about these so time will tell. A Chub 2 rod quiver finished the tackle presents off so I didn't do too badly......

A night partying ensued with family & friends, the cake was something else..........

Another present

My fishing of late has been targeting the species that matched the conditions, a session on a 'perfect' looking high & coloured River Wye resulted in a blank, a couple of sessions for Chub on the upper River Severn also hit the same mark, it was then time to go through the same motions for Pike.........

Dusk on the Severn

I had a remaining day's holiday before the Christmas break and after scrutinising the weather patterns a day stuck out, I took my chance and headed down to the Wye but this time it was Pike that were the target, a Barbel/Chub rod was also packed as the temperature had remained good the previous two nights and the river was holding onto a foot of water.
I chose a swim with a lot of slack water under my feet, the flow wasn't too bad across the river and looked OK for the second attack.
The day passed fairly uneventfully, a Chub of about 3lb was caught on the second cast on a small blob of paste but the Pike float was living life above the surface of the river.......
I popped back to the car for a bite to eat and returned to the swim about 3PM, I was planning on fishing for Pike until dusk and then  sticking with the Chub/Barb rod until 7PM. Within a few minutes of the Sardine being cast back onto the drop off in the slack the float started a sub surface move, a stutter take as the float was under one minute then back up the next but I wound down and felt a kick from a heavy fish, a reasonable scrap was played out and in the net she went, no problems with the unhooking and she was hoisted up onto the scales, at 18lb 6oz it was my PB so I was one happy chappy!


I held her whilst she got her breath back, a big fish indeed with a bit of filling out to do over the winter, a definite 20lb fish come spawning time.
I fished on but only a Chub was caught on dusk, the conditions looked good for Barbel but they didn't show that night.
The fishing may have been slow over the past few weeks but I have been fortunate to spot an Otter on both the Severn & Wye, the Severn Otter popping up a few feet in front of me and a little close to my sardine for my liking, incidentally the stretch was the same one where I spotted my first Otter back in 2003, they obviously have a holt in the vicinity and are doing well for themselves.  Kingfishers seem to be rife on both river systems and I was lucky enough to have one feeding opposite me on the Wye for almost an hour, a busy bird they are!
The weather so far over the Christmas period has been wet & wild, I was hoping to get out and do some river Piking on my local Warks Avon so I will keep an eye on the levels, I am not holding my breath though!


  1. Well done with that nice pike Danny.
    Happy New Year to you mate,

  2. Thanks Martin, Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Super pike Danny, congrat's on the pb mate!