Saturday, 24 August 2013

Two PB's Up North

Today saw Josh and I heading North, the reason at the beginning of the week was to pick up my finished float rod from Mick Holgate ( in Standish nr Wigan. I had taken the rod just before the river season started with a decal and inscription not yet complete so I dropped the rod back with Mick a couple of weeks ago and now it was 100% complete. As the week progressed Josh showed an interest with joining me for the ride and also taking a look at the River Ribble, a river that currently holds the PB for my Barbel & Chub, a river that I have spoken to him so much about over the past few years so he wanted to see it! As late as yesterday my wife said to me as we were in the area picking the rod up and as Josh wanted to see the river why don't we chuck a bit of tackle in the car and fish for a couple of hours....................OH GO ON THEN!
We left Coventry at 8.45 and within 5 minutes Josh asked where the fly rod was that he wanted to use, oh sh*t was my response it is in the garage, so a180 degree turn and we were heading home to pick the fly rod up, great start. It was round the Cannock area on the M6 that I remembered that my groundbait was also still in the garage, jesus this isn't good but after a quick call to Mick he identified a local tackle shop to him (Coppull Fishing Tackle) so we were out of the woods on that one, I just hoped that the rods/reels were actually in the bloody holdall!
We arrived at Micks at 11.00 and the rod was there in all its glory looking sweet as, he had also left a card for the tackle shop so I quickly took the post code and dropped it into the Sat Nav, only a couple of miles away and en-route to the stretch of the Ribble I had identified, things were coming together at last.

Finished rod with decal and inscription
We arrived at the tackle shop within 5 minutes of leaving Micks and I asked Josh to wade in and pick up a bag of groundbait, anything would do as long as it stunk were his instructions, he got back in the car with a bag of Krill groundbait that on first glance I thought was Dynamite but it was in fact Old Ghost......never heard of it but hey beggars cannot be........
Old Ghost Krill Killa
 So we finally pressed on to the Ribble, the first stretch we looked at had 5 cars in the car park which although doesn't mean anything to you told me that we would merely turn our car around and head for another stretch, this was ten minutes away and on arrival I was glad to see only 2 cars in situ. We walked down the stretch to a peg that I used to fish when I frequented the stretch back in the early 00's, there were a few new snags in evidence but bedrock gullies don't change in 10 years so I was happy enough and it would only be a short session anyway. I set up 2 splodgers with 8mm pellets on a size 10, Josh would use the fly rod as he seems to be getting into it but I intended on giving him any takers on the far bank pellet offerings. After about 20 minutes the downstream rod was away with a stuttery take, Josh played it towards the net and it was then I saw a flash of red fins, a small Barbel I presumed but the next view of the 'Barbel' clearly showed a decent Roach, in the net she went and on the scales she went 1lb 7oz, a PB, a beauty indeed with cormorant damage on one flank but they are coming back (Roach that is) as mates catches have shown.
1.07 Ribble Roach

So the session had started well and we fished on, around 30 minutes later the upstream rod went and this was a far more aggressive take so I immediately thought a Barbel would be the culprit, again I passed the rod to Josh and it started to beat him up straight away, taking line at will and I thought if it was a Barb, it was a good one but as the fish neared the bank it again performed a change as per the previous Barbel-Roach had, this though was a change of Barbel-Common Carp, a nice stocky fish that fought well above its punching weight, the scales showed 9lb 6oz so it was a second PB for the little guy in just over an hour, happy days indeed!

We fished on until 3PM without any further action but Josh enjoyed it and I must admit although I didn't catch I enjoyed being back on my old stomping ground, the Ribble is a great river and it has fished pretty consistently over the past few years, plans are afoot to get back and fish into dark for the two of us and we left the river happy enough, I had my rod, Josh had two great fish, what more would we want.


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