Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Fishing or sunbathing?

My last two sessions have been made in some rather strange weather conditions for this country, hot and warm with a large firey ball in the sky, what the ***!

The River Teme was fished last week on the BAA card, the first time Josh had ventured onto the Teme and after a bit of homework a stretch was chosen that was reputed to hold some fish, the plan was to travel light and cover as much water as possible over the course of the day. The stretch was a great one on the eye, lots of fast waters and the float rod will be taken on the next visit.  We fished in 9 swims throughout the session but alas no Barbel were caught, we did see some Lamprey in the throes of spawning though which was a first for me. We will return again at a later date.


The second warm weather trip was onto the Warks Avon, I arrived nice and early to try and catch a Barbel before the heat of the day kicked in, again no signs of Barbel or anything else for that matter and at 8am I set the float rod up for the remainder of the session (plus applying sun cream!)

The float fishing was not much better in the clear blue sky and ever rising temperature, I stayed on the move fishing swims with faster water and I caught fish from two swims out of five, Dace, Perch & Chub were the fish caught, I bumped into my old mate Esox in one peg, she had a Dace off me last week and tried again but she didn't get a good grip, she then sat under my feet watching me waiting for another crack at breakfast, she is a nice mid-double so I will be back for her in the winter when she is a bit fatter.

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