Sunday, 2 June 2013

Flouro for the Tench

Josh and I were fishing a new water to us and wondered what was in store for us, the weather lately had made any certainties uncertain so we couldn't start any chicken count due to recent kicks in the proverbials due to the ever changing conditions.
The water was around 4-5 acres in size and the stock fish relatively unknown, we did know that Roach & Rudd had been caught in the past but apart from that it was a piscatorial blank canvas.
As we unpacked the gear from the car Josh pointed out that we had a passenger attached to the side of the car, a mayfly was indeed hitching a ride during its short life span.

We chose as swim on the windward bank and a stiff wind it was, I set up a float rod but set Josh a method feeder up as the wind could have made life difficult for him. Maggot, caster and corn were the baits on the float rod with hemp as an added attractor as loose feed. The first cast was made on the float rod and a bite was instant, a Rudd around 6oz was duly swung to hand, followed by another, and another, real gems, some of them looking a bit plump around the waistline so obviously the females were approaching spawning time.

It was a bite a chuck on the float line throughout the session with Rudd from 6-12oz, it was great to see so many silver fish in a water!
I had sneaked a sleeper rod out down the inside in a corner where the wind was blasting into, method feeder was the rig with a pink flouro 8mm krill boilie tipped with a piece of the marvel bait rubber corn, the real stuff wouldn't last two minutes in this place with the killer Rudd about.

It was after about twenty minutes and the sleeper method rod was away, I wasn't using an alarm but the baitrunner clicked, the tip went round then a slack line so I hit it and a good fish was felt, after a good tussle that included a brief encounter with a snag a nice Tench was landed about 5lbs, a great start. Ten minutes later and I was away again, another nice Tench was landed around the same size as the first. The third take when it came shortly after I handed to Josh as he was looking a bit glum sat up the bank without any fish, he played the Tench well and a fish about 4 & 1/2lb was duly landed. So the Tench were coming thick and fast amongst the Rudd on the float rod, a hectic session to say the least. The last Tench came around an hour later again about 4lbs plus I pricked another fish. Josh then had his fish just as we were about to pack up, the smallest of the session at 3lb. A great session on a new water, I hope that we can get on there again soon to see what else is swimming beneath the surface.........

Josh with the catch

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