Thursday, 20 June 2013

Back on the float

I had a brief window on Tuesday night so I quickly grabbed the gear that I had used on Sunday and headed back down to the Avon, this time thankfully it was a bit quieter so I headed towards an area that I had seen during the close season that looked good for running a float through. The swim I wanted was vacant so I set the float gear up, trickling caster and hemp in as I did so, I then fished this swim for 45 minutes without a bite so I decided to move upstream a couple of pegs to try my luck there.
This swim was a bit different to the first, that being a steady run on the outside of a bend, the second swim was a mid river crease that stood out like a sore thumb so it was simple to fish and equally easy to bait so I settled down cross legged on the platform (no chair used during these quick after work sessions) and started to run the float through, gauging the depth as I did so.

Second run through and a nice Dace was swung to hand, a good sign of a healthy river if you ask me and not a fish I have caught many of in the upper reaches I usually haunt. I then landed a couple of Chublets about the pound mark before striking into their bigger brother about 3lb. The next run through gave me my first Barbel from the stretch, it was only about 2lb but it fought well and was most welcome, the little'un croaked during its brief stay on terra firma so it was quickly back in the wet stuff and powered off none the worse.

A few more Dace were caught before the session ended and I headed home back to Coventry, I am enjoying myself on this stretch and I haven't even scratched the surface yet.

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