Monday, 17 June 2013

A mixed bag

For the past few weeks I have been in regular contact with Mick Holgate from Kingfisher Rods -  Mick has been crafting me a new float rod, a 14 foot Gti SU (Stepped Up) to be precise, the rod would primarily be used for trotting for Barbel on flowing water and float fishing for Tench on stillwaters so it could be a 12 month job for this piece of carbon! I cannot recommend Mick highly enough for any of you prospective readers thinking about a new purpose built custom rod, every detail is covered starting before the blank has even been sourced. I have specified my own guides, reel seat, handle material and length and most importantly the spacing and amount of guides on the butt which aids casting with a float on running water. It has taken some time but it is a great looking rod and even though the prospective Barbel & Tench haven't troubled it yet it has performed well so far with a couple of modest fish. Take a look at Mick's website, I think a couple of Triptych Tench rods are next on my list.

Josh and I returned to the lake that provided us with the recent Tench catch on Saturday, the session would be a short one due to other commitments but fishing time is never spurned. After the last session it was apparent that the masses of Rudd in this lake would take anything that they could so the bait sizes were increased accordingly, an 8mm pellet was fished on the new float rod and a 10mm boilie plus rubber corn on the method rod. Plenty of bites were received on both rods but unfortunately the Tench stayed away but some nice sized Rudd were caught between 10-14oz, they are piranhas!

Yesterday saw the curtain rise on the 2013-14 river season, always a great date on the calendar but frequently not the best day for fishing. I chose a new club stretch on the Warks Avon, I had carried out some recce's during the close season and noted several swims that were great for running a float down, I had just purchased a new float rod after all. I arrived on the river at about 5PM and intended to fish until 10PM so five hours fishing lay before me, caster and hemp were the bait of choice today and my chosen swim was a speedy glide that slowed off after a narrowing in the river, hopefully Barbel would be lurking towards the bottom end of the run but time would tell. The first two runs through the swim gave me two reasonable Dace about 8oz each, unfortunately both had slash marks on their tails so something was about although I wasn't sure if it was above or below the surface from where the attack had started. I caught a further 4 Chub up to about 3lb over the next hour before hitting a much stronger fish that shed the hook fairly quickly, after that the float line dried up so for the last 90 minutes I fished an 8mm pellet using feeder tactics but only sharp unhittable pulls were received.  Not the most ground breaking weekend but a start, onwards and upwards and that new rod will be tested soon enough I am sure.

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