Saturday, 18 May 2013

First night under the stars

Josh has slowly covered most bases since I introduced him to fishing at the age of 4 but one of his outstanding requests (that I could guarantee anyway!) was to do an overnight session. After discussing it with his Mum and confirming that the chosen venue was safe enough the date was drawn and plans were made. The first stop on route was to get something to eat so we stopped at the services and Josh tucked into a Burger King to keep him going for the night ahead. Josh is starting to collect model aircraft and 5 currently hang from his bedroom ceiling but this Tornado was just a step too big!

On route to the venue we crossed the River Severn and by god it must have been raining in Wales earlier this week! The river had been in the fields as the picture below shows, it doesn't bode well for fry recruitment this year.

For those of you who use the River's web cam's to judge the levels you may have seen the life buoy behind Josh before.

We arrived at the chosen venue about 5.30PM and there were 5 cars already in the car park, all of the anglers I could see were fishing at the eastern end of the lake with a NW wind blowing over their shoulders, I knew previously that end of the lake and the far bank were currently producing Tench and it was the obvious choice BUT as this was Josh's first night session I didn't want to go too far from the car in case he decided on an early bail. We chose a point swim that as most point swims do commanded a fair amount of water, after a quick plumb around I learnt that after about 10 yards of water at 6 feet deep there was a bar of weed on the top of a steep shelf that dropped off to about 15 feet. The plan was to fish one bait on the bank side of the weed and one just over it on the start of the drop. Methods were method feeder with a 10mm flouro boilie & rubber corn and the second rod was an in-line feeder carrying maggot, caster & hemp with maggot or/and caster on the hook, fairly standard stuff and I was confident of catching as long as the Tinca's decided to visit......

The rods were in and the bivvy set up by 7PM and we could settle down, it was tight in the bivvy with 2 bedchairs but we managed to get them in as I had conveniently bought Josh a 3/4 chair until he gets taller!

Two of my mates joined us for the night and arrived a little after 7PM, Josh decided to stick on our bank and Dan made the yomp around to the far bank not far from where I had fished on my last visit, the anglers he walked past told of a few Tench between them so fish were being caught. The four of us settled down for the night, a few fish showing themselves on dusk but no signs on the alarms. The night passed relatively uneventfully apart from me spooking a rake of ducks at 01.30 that seemed to have congregated outside the bivvy to eat the bait that I had dropped during baiting up, I don't know who had the biggest fright me or them!  The weatherman also got it wrong as it rained from 11pm-4am but we were warm and dry in the JRC. I had set my alarm for 5am but was awoken at 4.40 to the loudest dawn chorus I had ever heard plus the sound of fish launching themselves from the drink all over the lake, a lot of them being Trout but there were also Carp mixed in there plus the odd Tinca. We fished through until 11am without anything to show for Josh and I, John also blanked but Danny's far bank swim produced a Bream and 2 Tinca's between 7-10am so good on him.  Josh also made a new friend with 'Wells' a jack Russell bitch that appeared from nowhere (just as I was cooking breakfast!)
The Tench fishing is still not as it should be we are still playing catch up after all, the weather this past week was down to single figures during the day but it now looks as though we are to get some settled weather. Josh enjoyed the session though so we are already planning further forays onto some river locations for the 13/14 season, watch this space.
Oh yes I nearly forgot, for you running water fans, 4 WEEKS TOMORROW!! 

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