Friday, 24 May 2013

A quickie after schork

You may think that I have written this post after a copious amount of alcohol due to the spelling of the title but the word 'schork' is a hybrid of school & work. Josh and I had carried out our daily rituals in our school child and technical support managers roles and we wanted away for a couple of hours. I am jetting off to South Africa for a whistle stop tour with work next week and as he is away camping this weekend with his friend this midweek session was a chance to bond and fish and fish and bond before our time apart.

Kingfisher Pool was the chosen venue as it looked after us on our last visit and it is only ten minutes from home. We were on the bank and setting up by 6.15PM, Josh's rod (method feeder with rubber corn on the hook) was already set up so he was in and fishing within a minute of us choosing the peg. I set up a float rod using corn or meat on the hook with the hope of catching one of the mint Tench that swim in the Kingfisher waters.
A local angler Ian turned up to chew the piscatorial fat with us and it was Ian who actually notified Josh that he had his first bite of the night, Josh as usual was looking at everything possible except the bloody rod tip! After a hearty struggle Josh had a nice Tench in the net, a mint female about 3lb.

I was fishing by then, into a force 8 headwind, it was sunny enough but considering it mas mid May the weather was absolute pants, I really don't know what the score is this year but we really seem to be enduring some poor weather. The scary thing is the longest day is now only 28 days away but I have not yet had the pleasure of enjoying any fishing sit in a t-shirt.
Anyway back to the fishing, Ian had to make a hasty retreat to look after his son (hope Ethan feels better Ian) and it was as he left I caught a Roach/Bream hybrid about 8oz. Shortly after returning the hybrid Josh was away again, another nice scrap and a feisty male Tench hit the net.

I then brought my float a bit closer to the nearside reeds and within a couple of minutes my float was away, a great scrap ensued and it was my turn to net a nice male Tench of about 3 1/2lb.
There was no further action for me apart from Josh who had another fish that snapped his hooklink shortly after striking, the wind was increasing so we decided to retire, we had caught some nice fish in a short time so we were happy enough.
Moral of this story - School boy shows technical support manager how to catch Tench!

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