Thursday, 25 April 2013

Time for bites - Kingfisher Pool

I met a chap outside Lane's in Coventry some weeks ago who was a reader of my blog and he told me about Kingfisher Pool -  in Warwick. The pool was designed for local children to fish in safe surroundings, holding most fish but I was told bites were rarely at a premium, just what was required at the minute!
Josh was looking to get back in the saddle after a dire winter that had seen his fishing gear remain in the garage (who can blame him) so he was fishing with his 4M whip with maggot on the hook. I had a rod with me too but I wanted to get Josh up and running first and that is what he definitely did by catching from the off, small Roach, Rudd & Perch. It was just as he returned one of the Rudd that took a few seconds to steady itself before swimming off then a second or two later we noticed a large swirl on the surface, straight away I thought that a nice Perch had just capitalised on the dozy Rudd and I cursed myself for leaving my lobworms in the garage. I did however have casters and I know that Perch love casters so as I set up a pole rig on my float rod I kept dripping caster in over the area where the Rudd massacre took place.
Josh then took two fish in a row that were on his list of 'species to catch' a Dace and a Gudgeon, how the hell it has taken him over 5 years to nail a gonk I don't know but he has finally got one and he was happy!

First Dace
First Gobio
My first 2 fish were Roach/Bream hybrids then I hit into something fairly substantial and after a fairly lengthy scrap on 2lb bottom and 18's hook I landed a Tench of about 3lb, first of the season.


Josh was now asking why I was catching bigger fish, I don't know I said but if you keep feeding your line they will come, he then handed me his whip to untangle the rig, it was whilst I was doing that my float went so I hit it and passed Josh the rod, again it looked a decent fish and after a short ruck one of the Rudd murderer's was in the net, I didn't have scales but it was at least a pound and a half, Josh had his big fish.

All in all we probably had 40 fish between us and missed a lot lot more so the itch was scratched.............for now anyway.

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