Monday, 22 April 2013

Behind the times

Even though we are fast approaching May it seems that the inhabitants of a lot of stillwater's are still not springing into spring. My last 2 sessions, for Perch and Tench respectively have not produced a fish or many bites, knocks, taps or anything else in the way of fishy indications.
I packed the Perch gear away after my last session presuming that they would be heading to or already on their spawning grounds but a report from a fishing buddy this past weekend tells me otherwise as he was catching average sized Perch that were still full of spawn.
I had my first session for Tench yesterday and didn't receive any sign of life in 7 hours of fishing, a similar tale for the other anglers on the venue so at least I am not alone.....
I actually had a gang of Pike in the margins yesterday looking like they were thinking about spawning, at the end of April!
Things can only get better.

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  1. Danny.

    Agree. We seems weeks behind and the water is still so cold. My Monday trip for carp and tench was a complete washout. No weed in the margins, so no fish?