Sunday, 3 March 2013

Spring on the way

Well it does seem as though the harsh winter that we have all had to endure is slowly being pushed away by the next season in line. The spring time is my favourite time of year, the days extend, all manner of wildlife starts to begin their annual rituals and on the main most things start to stir from their cold winter slumbers.
I spent yesterday afternoon on my local stretch of the Upper Warks Avon and on route the sun was shining brightly from a blue sky, again I semi cursed as a bright sun is not usually the greatest of conditions for fishing but we usually find something to moan about regarding the weather don't we.....

I had more than one species in mind today, Pike, Perch & Chub were all on the cards, the downside of that approach is the amount of gear you have to lump around with you and it was along a still muddy and sodden river bank that I made my way to my first peg. Lobworm presented on a tip rod was the first line of attack in a peg that I have written about on my blog before, the flow has scoured out a huge undercut under tree roots and I had heard of a large stripey resided but an hour in and the tip had failed to budge so a move downstream was made to a nice glide with overhanging willows towards the end of it. Again a lobworm was cast along the glide with a small maggot feeder with mag & chopped worm to entice any fish out of the willow canopy. Within a couple of minutes the tip started to rattle and then slowly pulled round, a strike resulted in a nice fish pulling back towards the willows but it was soon told otherwise and was soon ready for netting, just as I was about the draw the fish over the net the hook pulled, the fish, a decent Chub about 4lb merely righted itself and disappeared from view and swam back to the willows...........Damn. The next cast went untouched unsurprisingly so another move was made.

That move saw me drop into an old faithful peg, my first job was to put a Pike rod out into the deep run by the nearside margin whilst I set the float rod up, 5  minutes in and the Pike bung was under but as I picked the rod up it surfaced again but still twitching, I struck anyway not wanting to deep hook a fish but whatever had taken the sardine had let go, the bait was reeled in and inspected but there were no signs of any marks at all so back out it went.

The float rod was now ready to roll so I repositioned the Pike rod against the far bank reed line whilst I fished in the near side hole for Perch, lobworm again being the bait of choice. I always try to keep the worm as active as possible by twitching the float when Perch fishing and it was just after one such twitch when the float buried and after a decent scrap a Chub of 4.09 was netted.

There isn't a lot more to tell about the remaining 3 hours of the session as I didn't receive any bites on either set up, strange really as after the recent state of the river it all looked good today.

This week sees an increase in temperatures with rain forecast Wednesday onwards so it looks as though it will be Barbel on the agenda for the final fling next weekend, but time will tell!

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