Monday, 11 March 2013

An uneventful finale!

Well the final session of the 2012-13 season was upon me and the venue of choice was the River Severn. The weather (again! but as I have moaned about it all winter I may as well keep going) had seen a rise in air temps during the early part of the week with rain arriving on Wednesday so the river was carrying between 18 ins - 2 feet of water with a nice colour and even though the air temps were on the dip I was hoping the water temp was dragging it's heels behind a bit.........
I arrived on the stretch about 10am on Saturday to find a van in the car park, 2 guys could be seen fishing upstream from the car park which suited me fine as I fancied a swim downstream. I was fishing a 2 pronged attack during the day, a maggot feeder for Chub/Barbel and a lobworm rod down the edge in a slack in the hope of a Perch. After only 20 minutes the feeder rod banged over, not a bite as such but a big rap all the same, nothing developed and on retrieving the rig the maggots were still intact on the size 14, either a liner or maybe a Chub hitting the feeder?  It was very quiet during the course of the day then the same thing happened 3 times as dusk approached on the same rod but without anything developing so I replaced the 3 foot mono link with maggot to an 18 inch braided link with a single 8mm crab pellet. The worm rod was also swapped out for a Barbel rod fishing a feeder with paste on the hook. I fished through until about 8.30pm but without as much as a nod on either rod tip, a very quiet day/evening on a usually consistent stretch.


Oh well, that was the last session for this season, a good job really as it is minus 3 outside as I sit here typing this, not exactly great conditions for anything (weather whinge again!)

I will probably chill out for a couple of weeks, hopefully seeing a rise in air temp's so I can start my Tench campaign around Easter time, that's the plan anyway.......

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