Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Difficult One

I was again on the Upper Avon yesterday with Pike, Perch & Chub on my hitlist. I was actually down on the river the previous afternoon to replace an access bridge that the recent high waters had dislodged and unceremoniously dumped into a feeder stream that it was positioned to span.

During my time down there I had a look at a few swims and the river looked spot on, fining down nicely and the bottle green colour that screams Chub but doesn't slam the door shut on the preds either, things looked better then the conditions I fished in the previous weekend.

It was then old Mr Weather's opportunity to stick a spanner firmly in my fishing works, it snowed overnight, turning to sleet/rain in the morning, not huge amounts but cold water had gone into the river and I feared the worse. I arrived at the river just after noon and after slipping and sliding down the access path I cast my eyes upon the river for the first time that day, yes it had risen slightly and also coloured, it was now the colour of weak tea, never great conditions in my experience but I was there so I would have a go. Getting to my chosen swim was quite difficult, the bankside path was up to 12 inches under water in places and I went a*se over t*t just as I reached the peg, covering my new Bib & Brace in slimy mud especially around my backside! The swim itself looked reasonable, a steady flow in the main river with the usual slack on the inside still a slack.

I cast out a sardine for a Pike whilst I set up the float and quiver rod's but it was in hope rather than expectation as the river was a little bit too coloured for an esox.  After about 20 minutes the Pike rod was wound in and I replaced it with a float rod down the edge with a lobworm and a quiver rod upstream just on a crease line with a Kamasan feeder holding maggot and chopped worm with a lob tail on the hook. It was a very slow session and the time was approaching 4PM and I was still to receive a bite, no fish had been seen topping throughout the session and I was feeling beaten, I then had a sharp dip on the float before it sunk from view, I struck and wey hey I had a fish hooked, after a quick tussle I netted a Chub about 2LB, not front page news but a fish in conditions that were a country mile away from being perfect.

I had put the usual bankside marker down at the start of the session to gauge how quickly the river was rising, it was indeed but not on a massive scale but my stick now had H20 behind it so I was thinking about the route back off the river as several places had been close to the tops of my wellies!

I fished on for another 30 minutes before starting the journey back to the car, as I suspected the river had risen enough to cause me a problem and I ended up with 2 'booties', all part and parcel of the past time I suppose but then as I got to the car I noticed that my landing net head that had been attached to my rod holdall was no longer there........Through the water I went again, past the point of caring about wet feet now and found the net almost where I started the journey!  Happy days.
The weather forecast for the next 7 days looks reasonable, a bit of rain earlier in the week then hopefully a few dry days so hopefully by next weekend  the river will be in reasonable nick and the residents in mood for a nibble of two.

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  1. great blog, will be following your trips from now on