Sunday, 17 February 2013

A 100 mile Perch

The day began with a journey North up the M6 to my intended venue for the day, Perch & Pike were the target on a club reservoir, when I arrived I was greeted with 9 cars in the car park, not good news and I am not a fan of having to slot into what spots/pegs are free so I quickly popped up to view the water prior to unloading the gear to get an idea of what water was free. I am glad that I did as half of the water was iced over, including the entire back that I had wanted to fish from, the remaining bank was crammed full of anglers so back in the car I went and I was now heading South down the M6 a bit quicker then my earlier journey! 
40 miles on the clock......
The local rivers were too high, fast and filled with snow melt so I already knew I was restricted to a stillwater, there was a failry local stillwater to me that I knew held some nice Perch so that was the venue choice, I now had to drive home to dump my Pike gear and add a float rod so my Perch outfit was 100% complete.
80 miles on the clock......
I eventually arrived at my local stillwater at 12.30 with 90 miles on the clock.....
I have fished this venue a few times, the last 2 occasions being specifically for the Perch but without one to trouble my landing net, scales or camera, I had fished an area that had been reccomended to me so this time I fancied a change and headed to another part of the fishery, the plan was to fish lobworm on the float and also on a feeder rod as a sleeper.
I was fishing for 1pm and little happened until about 3pm when I had a bite on the float rod that I duly missed. I was then watching the float like a hawk when the bobbin slammed against the blank on the feeder rod but dropped as quickly as I event that occurred 3-4 times more over the course of the session without any hook up's so I need to think about a rig change for the next session, I was using a small blockend on a large run ring and a 2 feet link so maybe next time I will revert to a helicopter rig to try and change the odd's.
It was about 3.30pm and I started to recieve a few dips on the float rig before I finally hit a bite and felt resistance, after a short dour scrap I netted a nice Perch. On the scales it went 2lb 10oz so not a bad fish, a little bleached out as the water in this place is coloured but a nice fish nonetheless.
I then started to receive indication's on the float and then proceeded to miss another 2 bites which wound me up no end as it was obviously the witching time for the Perch, by 4.30pm all was quiet and I fished on until 5.30pm without another touch. I was happy with the fish I caught but during my next session I will make sure that the 3 - 4.30pm window is monitored a bit more closely.
I drove home and was unloading the gear by 6pm, with 100  miles on the clock.

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