Thursday, 20 December 2012

Struggling with the weather

The weather over the past few weeks has been changeable to say the least, we had a very cold snap that brought frozen lids on stillwaters as it was 2 to 3 degrees below freezing overnight for over a week and didn't get much above that figure during the day. The cold snap came after rain, rain and more rain so the rivers were high and bloody cold, not particularly good conditions for anything.
I grabbed a session two weeks ago on a local day ticket fishery with Perch in mind although 5 hours fishing just brought me a couple of bobs on the float and not the large spikey I had in mind, I will be back there though soon.....

Today I had a day to use as work had ended for the year (wey hey) but again the weather did it's best to thrown a spanner into the gears, rain again hit us but with temps remaining mild I did have an air of expectancy as I walked across the sopping wet field onto the local stretch of the Avon with Barbel on the agenda. The Severn & Wye were also on my list but the Severn had a huge pulse of water heading down from the borders into an already swollen river and the Wye had already started its progression up on the EA river level graph so I played it safe and stayed close to home.
The Avon looked to be about 3 feet up and throughout the short session was clearly still rising.

I found a swim with a nearside crease with a gravel bottom so I was happy enough with that and I presented a boilie wrapped in paste with a stringer of half a dozen half boilies to create a scent trail.

I fished for a couple of hours without a sign of a bite, the river was rising and just about to come over the top of the bank I was fishing from so enough was enough and I bid a hasty retreat. I did however use one of my new reels today - Daiwa Regal Z BR, it did not get the workout I was hoping for but so far so good.



  1. Danny, I can see from your pics where you are on the Avon. Are there any fish left there now ?
    They were getting few and far between last winter when I gave up my ticket.

  2. Hi Martin, Yes it has been a lean couple of years but we are making steps to looking into what may or may not be the issue with the river with the EA, hopefully I will be able to elaborate a little bit more in the spring time.