Monday, 31 December 2012

Last one for 2012

Well another year has gone, time flies by so quickly and fishing trips seem to be minutes throughout that time rather than the hours that we all crave.

For my final foray of 2012 I visited a reservoir with Pike & Perch the intended species for the day, as usual on this water due to it's open location horizontal rain greeted me and it stayed that way on and off for the duration of the session. One rod was to be float fishing a deadbait for the Pike and I fished a slider float just over the drop off for Perch with lobworm on the hook and red maggot & chopped worm to entice them into the area.
I continually moved the Pike rod about during the course of the day as in my experience Pike take a bait shortly after it arrives in their water abode and that was the case after the third re-position of the day when the float slowly slid away, on striking the fish felt quite heavy but before long a fish was brought into the margin and netted. Once the fish was lifted onto the bank it was evident that this fish had seen better days, the proportion of the head and the rest of its skinny thinning body were far from equal, I would say that this fish during its heyday would have weighed between 12-15lb but today was only around 8-9lb at best.

This seems to be the case with all the Pike I have caught on this water since October this year, whether the current stock have hit their peak and are dropping away or maybe it is because the water was a trout fishery in years gone by so food was readily placed on the Pike's table and is no longer there, who knows, it could be an accumulation of a few different reasons and time will tell. The rest of the session passed by without any further action and I packed up at dusk any made my way home.
Highlights of 2012
One PB was broken during 2012 and that was my Tench PB which I lifted to 7lb exactly, not the dizzying heights of the southern gravel pit Tinca's but the water in question provided me with some good sport at times and will be targetted again Mar-July 2013. During the session that gave me that Tench a nice Perch came my way at 3lb 4oz, I will always enjoy catching Perch of that size!.
The last part of 2012 has been a strange one as the main targets for me this winter were river Perch & Pike, the high water that our rivers have suffered have put those targets on the back burner ......... for now.
I will hopefully fulfill my river predator yearning in the first quarter of 2013 pending water levels with a Barbel session or two thrown in towards in March pending weather conditionms and then onto the Tench for the spring.
I wish all readers a Happy New Year for you and your families and will probably meet some of you on the banks in 2013.
All the best.


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