Monday, 31 December 2012

Last one for 2012

Well another year has gone, time flies by so quickly and fishing trips seem to be minutes throughout that time rather than the hours that we all crave.

For my final foray of 2012 I visited a reservoir with Pike & Perch the intended species for the day, as usual on this water due to it's open location horizontal rain greeted me and it stayed that way on and off for the duration of the session. One rod was to be float fishing a deadbait for the Pike and I fished a slider float just over the drop off for Perch with lobworm on the hook and red maggot & chopped worm to entice them into the area.
I continually moved the Pike rod about during the course of the day as in my experience Pike take a bait shortly after it arrives in their water abode and that was the case after the third re-position of the day when the float slowly slid away, on striking the fish felt quite heavy but before long a fish was brought into the margin and netted. Once the fish was lifted onto the bank it was evident that this fish had seen better days, the proportion of the head and the rest of its skinny thinning body were far from equal, I would say that this fish during its heyday would have weighed between 12-15lb but today was only around 8-9lb at best.

This seems to be the case with all the Pike I have caught on this water since October this year, whether the current stock have hit their peak and are dropping away or maybe it is because the water was a trout fishery in years gone by so food was readily placed on the Pike's table and is no longer there, who knows, it could be an accumulation of a few different reasons and time will tell. The rest of the session passed by without any further action and I packed up at dusk any made my way home.
Highlights of 2012
One PB was broken during 2012 and that was my Tench PB which I lifted to 7lb exactly, not the dizzying heights of the southern gravel pit Tinca's but the water in question provided me with some good sport at times and will be targetted again Mar-July 2013. During the session that gave me that Tench a nice Perch came my way at 3lb 4oz, I will always enjoy catching Perch of that size!.
The last part of 2012 has been a strange one as the main targets for me this winter were river Perch & Pike, the high water that our rivers have suffered have put those targets on the back burner ......... for now.
I will hopefully fulfill my river predator yearning in the first quarter of 2013 pending water levels with a Barbel session or two thrown in towards in March pending weather conditionms and then onto the Tench for the spring.
I wish all readers a Happy New Year for you and your families and will probably meet some of you on the banks in 2013.
All the best.


Thursday, 20 December 2012

Struggling with the weather

The weather over the past few weeks has been changeable to say the least, we had a very cold snap that brought frozen lids on stillwaters as it was 2 to 3 degrees below freezing overnight for over a week and didn't get much above that figure during the day. The cold snap came after rain, rain and more rain so the rivers were high and bloody cold, not particularly good conditions for anything.
I grabbed a session two weeks ago on a local day ticket fishery with Perch in mind although 5 hours fishing just brought me a couple of bobs on the float and not the large spikey I had in mind, I will be back there though soon.....

Today I had a day to use as work had ended for the year (wey hey) but again the weather did it's best to thrown a spanner into the gears, rain again hit us but with temps remaining mild I did have an air of expectancy as I walked across the sopping wet field onto the local stretch of the Avon with Barbel on the agenda. The Severn & Wye were also on my list but the Severn had a huge pulse of water heading down from the borders into an already swollen river and the Wye had already started its progression up on the EA river level graph so I played it safe and stayed close to home.
The Avon looked to be about 3 feet up and throughout the short session was clearly still rising.

I found a swim with a nearside crease with a gravel bottom so I was happy enough with that and I presented a boilie wrapped in paste with a stringer of half a dozen half boilies to create a scent trail.

I fished for a couple of hours without a sign of a bite, the river was rising and just about to come over the top of the bank I was fishing from so enough was enough and I bid a hasty retreat. I did however use one of my new reels today - Daiwa Regal Z BR, it did not get the workout I was hoping for but so far so good.


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Perch The Biggest Fish Of All

It has finally arrived, I celebrated my birthday a few days ago and amongst the fishy presents received was the latest book from the Perchfishers, The Biggest Fish Of All.

It is the Perchy time of year and this weekend will be focused on the species, a stillwater on Saturday and fingers crossed the Warks Avon on Sunday if the levels have dropped to an acceptable level. I am definately looking forward to spending the next few days with my nose buried in the pages of the above!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Cold water Pike

With a Friday booked off work the weeks heading up to the date my head was full of river Pike, the Severn and Wye were the planned locations to fish for the large croc's that I know inhabit the available stretches open to me. The weather however had other plans and the week preceeding the day in question was very wet indeed so the rivers were high, coloured and cold........good for absolutley nothing.
So a stillwater secondary option was planned with Pike still in mind and a dawn start was on the cards. With 6 hours of fishing in my pocket I decided to cover as much water as possible in an effort to drop a bait on the nose of a hungry croc, my own personal experience with both dead or live baiting for Pike is that takes invaribly come within 15 minutes of casting a bait into the water, this water I was fishing today ahd for me stuck to that rule 100% so the regular moving for me at least was a plan I was happy with.
I arrived at 6.45am with a heavy frost on the ground and 2 deg C showing on the car temp gauge, the sun yet to poke its weary head over the horizon and after slipping a few layers on me I got up onto the water to get the rods set up under the light from my head torch. Both rods were to be fish on float rigs with either sardine or makeral being the breakfast for the hoped toothy pred to chomp on. The first swim provided me with a twitchy float on the LH rod but nothing developed, I then moved up to the furthest point I intended to fish that day and then moved back towards the car park every 45 minutes. It was whilst I was in the third swim of the day I received a take on the LH rod close into the reedy margin and after striking resistance could be felt, a short Pikey scrap ensued and a fish hit the net that looked a double, it was in fact a near miss and went 9lb 11oz but welcome none the less.

I then continued to fish and cover as much water as I could for the remainder of the session but without any signs of any action. The sun was now up in a clear sky and the wind was none existant so that was my reason for the lack of activity for that day. Even now the rivers are still taking their time to expel all the extra water in them but hopefully they will be looking reasonabler for a session this weekend.