Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Chew Valley - The first encounter

A friend and I had managed to secure a day's boat fishing at the mecca Chew Valley some month's ago, the day finally dawned and it was an early morning start down the M5 heading for the reservoir hoping for one of it's crocodile sized inhabitants. A fair amount of research was carried out previously and most people said the same thing, no particular hot spot's, cover as much water as you can and basically do your own thing and fish!
We arrived at 7,30am to a misty Chew Valley, a huge expanse of water (well at least for me anyway!) and we joined the queue for the lodge to get our boat number, watch a H & S DVD and then get the gear down to the jetty for the days croc hunting.
We motored out to a section that I had highlighted via a map I had found on the web, it showed a shallow hump surrounded by deeper water so we thought we would try this area as it was a feature that may hold a fish or two.
We started with 2 deadbaits each, sardine, mackerel & smelt were on the menu, it seemed as though this was a popular area as by half an hour later there were another 6 boats in the vicinity, not too close for comfort but close by Chew standards. Over the next hour 2 of the boats shared 7 fish between them but our floats remained above the surface of the choppy water. We then decided on a move but when I attempted to raise the anchor I was unable to do so as it was completely snagged solid! Oh sh*t I thought we have only been here an hour and already lost an anchor, a quick call back to the lodge and we were told to dump the anchor and return for another, the anchors are buoyed so it would be retrieved later on I presumed. Funnily enough when we later returned to that area another buoy was visible not 30 yards from ours so there was obviously a fairly substantial underwater structure there (duly noted!)
So during the day we moved around and covered different parts of the vast water but without any signs, the odd deadbait had signs that trout had attempted to remove their innards but no action from the croc's. We motored back to the spot from where the fish were caught from in the morning for the final hour and a half but nothing occurred. We did however witness a nice fish that we later learnt was 26 and a half pounds being caught from a bank angler.
So the first journey to Chew resulted in a blank for our boat, there were mixed results when we got ashore, a few blanked,a few jacks caught and the biggest fish I heard of was a 28lb specimen, maybe next time eh!
Lessons learnt, well I don't think we did anything drastically wrong, there was a mass exodus of boats down towards the dam in the afternoon but we didn't follow, we wanted to do our own thing, I just think that we didn't drop a bait in the right spot on the day, as I said there will be a next time, I am already planning it.

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