Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Catching again

I have been in a fishing rut of late, prior to my last session on the bank I had endured a run of 3 blanks which I wasn't happy about as none of us enjoy blanking, maybe the odd day here and there but 3 on the row was starting to severely get under my skin. The Chew encounter wasn't too bad, I put that day down to experience and I enjoyed it, Chew will see me again no doubt about that but then a weekend on the Warks Avon had kicked me right between the legs after I had fished (or so I thought) well enough to deserve a fish or two.  Both of the Avon trips were mainly targeting the local stripey Sergeant's, yes the river had risen and was that Chubby bottle green but the swims I targeted were in my eyes the perfect Perchy abodes, depth, slack water and cover, what else does a stripey predator need for it's watery home? They may have been at home but they didn't take my air injected lobs liberally doused with red maggots, but again I will be back to try and settle the score on that one as I am sure they cannot be far away.

So to the day that I actually caught something.....

A trip was planned to a reservoir on a club ticket with Pike & Perch on the hit list for the day, 2 guys Carping were there when I arrived, a quiet night had been reported but a flurry of activity on first light with fish to 15lb reported, anyway none of the scaleybacks for me as I set up close to a shallow area that dropped into 12 foot of water, a perfect ambush point for the Esox. A second rod was also used for Perch, a locslide float was fished just over the shelf with lobworms on the hook with red maggot and chopped worm scattered over the area at regular intervals. It was whilst the float rod was being set up that I had the first run of the day on a sardine, after a short tussle a jack of around 6-7lb was landed, not huge but a fish and a start!

The day progressed without any action on the float rod at all, my last session here had resulted in a flurry of bites towards dusk but that wasn't the case today and the stripeys were conspicuous by their absence......
About an hour before dusk as the wind dropped and the reservoir flattened off I had another run close into the reed line to my left, a very 'bobby' affair on the bung and it took a while to fully submerge and move away with any conviction, the strike met with resistance but after only a few seconds the hooks pulled and I retrieved a mauled sardine with its innards hanging out, the first fish was not hooked well so even though they were feeding it wasn't with any gusto.  I cast back out along the reeds and just as the last rays of light were fading once again the deadbait started to twitch as the bung again was submerged, on the strike this fish felt heavier than the first two and true enough after a short scrap a slightly better fish of 10.09 was in the bag.

All in all not a bad day, 3 runs and 2 fish, I know that there are bigger Pike in here so perseverance is the name of the game, the Perch are another story and seem to be eluding me at the minute but again that mission will continue.

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