Monday, 1 October 2012

Vulcan on the Wye

The early part of the week had been wet and lot's of rivers were very very high and probably unfishable so the car was pointed down to the Wye again after results from recent trip's had been pretty good. The river was around 2 feet up and coloured when we arrived, not quite as high as the two previous sessions but it looked good for a few Barbs.
The first couple of hours passed without anything of note happening, Josh found it highly amusing transferring most of the Wye bank mud onto his body!

The first sign of life came to the inside rod that was fishing a small piece of pepperami, the result was a Chub about 4lbs that wasn't the target species although it was welcome. Around 5pm a jet was heard, at first I thought it was an RAF jet but they are not usually seen during the weekend, it soon became apparent that it was indeed an ex-RAF jet, it was one of the most impressive, a Vulcan! The pilot took the bomber over our heads then along the river towards Ross-On-Wye before applying the gas and pulling the stick back, he then appeared over the hill behind us flying vertically whilst performing a left hand roll, most impressive but the herd of 50 cows in the field in front of us were not impressed! It seems that the bomber was performing fly pasts over many places that had produced it's parts when in production, Birmingham, Coventry and Staverton airports all seeing the mighty delta wing on Saturday -

As darkness descended I recast several times to get some bait down on the deck but it wasn't until 7.30pm when the U/S rod folded over and a good fish pulled back, several times the fish stripped line from the clutch when the net was in sight and eventually a good fish was landed and weighed at 9lb 3oz, not my biggest off the Wye but very welcome.

Not long after the fish was returned a huge bright moon appeared over the hill behind us and lit the valley up, not exactly great conditions in my experience but we gave it until 8.45pm before we packed up and headed back to Coventry.

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