Sunday, 28 October 2012

A cold Avon afternoon

I had a window of opportunity to fish last Friday lunchtime through to dusk, the local upper Warks Avon was the chosen venue and with the dip in temperatures predators would be the chosen quarry. I started in a swim where I had been told by a couple of club members about a large Perch that had been spotted, its lair was right beneath the bank in an undercut amongst a large bankside tree's roots, nice!  That may have been a tough enough start but the location of the swim also meant that the cast would have to be made from below the lair and aimed back upstream so the bait dropped on the front door mat of the Perch's place, the fact also that the swim was directly under the bank meant that I would not be able to too get too close to the rivers edge. I used a simple 1 SSG on a short link and 6lb straight through to a strong size 8 with a lobworm impaled on it. The first cast wasn't a bad one and it seemed to settle in the right area, after 15 minutes without a tap I reeled in to re-cast to find that I was firmly snagged.......I ended up pulling for a break and having to set up again, not a great start. The second cast did bring some interest to the tip in the form of rattles and taps but after another 15 minutes without a firm take I decided a move was on the cards, the big stripey under the tree would have to wait for another day but I will not forget about her!
I then moved downstream about 200 yards into a usual peg that I fish for the resident Perch, a float rig was fished in the margin into 9 feet of slack water and a small black cap containing red maggot and chopped worm was cast to the far side still into about 9 feet, both rigs had lobworms on the hook. I had interest on the float from the word go but a series of missed bites and chewed lobbies told me that they were not the larger Perch I was seeking. Both lines then went very quiet so about 4pm I thought about putting a Pike rod over to the far bank so I swapped out the feeder for a Pike rod, the sardine had literally been in the river for 5 seconds when the float was twitching and bobbing it's way upstream, I gave it a few seconds before striking and was into a fish, a short tussle and a jackie about 4lb was in the bag, at least it had saved the blank!


I gave the Pike rod a further half an hour in another spot but no interest was registered, back to the feeder rod for the anticipated feeding spree towards dusk. As dusk approached the swim and surrounding river did come to life (as it usually does) and I was hopeful of some action but it didn't happen, I don't know why but that's fishing hey! Until the next time.

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