Monday, 17 September 2012

Floating on the Warks Avon

I had initially planned to fish a club stillwater for Tench last Saturday but a late change of plans meant that I spent most of the afternoon through to dusk on the upper W Avon.  The dusk period would entail a 2 pronged attack for the Perch & Barbel on the stretch, the afternoon would just be enjoying float fishing for whatever came along, the wind made trotting the far bank a pain so I ended up fishing straight off the rod end into 7 feet of water, first cast and a nice Chub of 3 1/2lbs hits the net, a mint specimen too.

The rest of the afternoon was spent missing lots of bites and catching another 2 small Chub , 3 Roach and a zillion minnows, I enjoyed it as you cannot beat seeing a float go under. The football scores were in and I was happy, Man Utd (yes I am from Manchester before you start) had won 4-0 and both Man City & Chelsea had drawn so happy days, a long way to go yet but I am confident that we will claw back the prem from the noisy neighbours.
The float gear was now re-rigged and it was 5lb straight through and a lobworm on the hook with Perch in mind, I also primed the Barbel spot with half a dozen droppers of pellet & hemp, a Pike of about 6lb actually snapped at the dropper after the first chuck but soon let go, (note for winter) and that line was left to stew.
First chuck on the float and a Perch was landed, only about a pound but a Perch. Second chuck and a heavy fish was felt upon the strike, visions of lost monsters again went through my mind as per my post a few weeks ago, this time however I leant into the fish a bit more and it succumbed to the pressure, after a bit of near bank snagging attempts from the dirtiest of fighters and a Chub of 4lb was duly landed, a floppy stomach so a nice fish later on in the year.

The Barbel rod was now cast out after another 2 droppers of hemp & pellet were deposited before a boilie wrapped in paste was dropped above the hole. Half an hour later that rod was over and a Chub of 4lb 9oz was landed.

It was then, just on dusk that a strange thing occurred, I caught 3 Ruffe in a 10  minute spell, all of them having the lobworm hanging out of their greedy mouths, I have never caught a Ruffe or heard of anybody else catching one but a gang had appeared in my beloved Perch peg!

I packed the float rod up after the 3rd Ruffe when the boilie rod went over again, another Chub was landed, this time 4lb 2oz, no Barbel and no decent Perch today but an enjoyable session all the same.

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  1. Hi Danny
    Sounds like an enjoyable session there with some nice chub, iv got a chub session planned for later this week.