Thursday, 16 August 2012

Trotting the Trent

I met a friend on a stretch of the upper Trent last Saturday, I had fished here only once before (June 16th 2010) for Barbs during the day and blanked but conditions weren't too favourable on that day. Today would be spent trotting a float during daylight hours for anything that came along and then a switch over to the Barbel gear an hour before dusk and to fish until midnight.

The river was carrying a bit of water and was slightly coloured so it looked in good nick,  I started in a fairly fast swim and third trot down my double caster was taken and a good fish was hooked, the flow now came into full effect and the fish just held in it whilst my relatively light hooklink (2.12/16's hook) was doing all it could, after a minute the hook pulled so the lighter hooklink was dispensed with and it was 5lb straight through to a strong 14's! A couple of trot's later and again a good fish was hooked, this fish was brought to the waiting net but managed to do the thing that Chub are so adept at, transferring your hook to something else, this time it was streamer weed and a Chub of around 3lb was back with it's shoal mates, laughing all the way........ I stayed in that peg a further 2 hours, taking 5 Chub in total up to about 3 1/2 lbs, enjoyable fishing all the way.

3 1/2lb Chevin

Only small but an absolute minter of a Chub

I then moved downstream to another swim that was a long sweeping bend looking like it had a bit of depth compared to the faster peg I had just left. Second trot around the bend and the float buried and another good fish was hooked, I could tell this was again a Chub from the onset as it tried to snag me underv my own bank, dirty fighters aren't they Chub!  The fish was held out of the nearside cover and eventually in the net it went, this fish was 4lb exactly and looked like it had been in the wars with scar's and scrapes all over it's body, a proper old warrior.

4lb Trent Chub


A few further trots down gave me a Brownie about 12oz before going quiet so I then moved back in to the first swim for the final hour, back in here I had 2 further Chub before heading back downstream to start setting the Barbel rods up.  I had chosen a spot that was just below a snag, a willow had fallen most of the way across the river creating a funnel that I thought any travelling fish would pass through on their nocturnal journeys, one rod was to be put on that spot and the second a little further downstream in fairly open water but on the same line as the US rod so a single flavour trail was running down river. Double pellet wrapped in paste was on the US rod and boilie wrapped in paste was on the DS, half a dozen dropper's each of hemp & pellet was despatched into the spot's around 7.30pm and by 8.15pm I was in position and fishing. Cutting a long story short, nothing much happened apart from continually winding in ton's on weed every 20 minutes or so, the upper Trent is famed for it's weed running down river and tonight was no different.  What with this year's high water some stretches are relatively barren compared to past years but the dreaded weed  continues to appear, I looked at the stretch the afternoon before I fished it and there did not appear to be ANY weed at all coming down but today there mate had a Chub around 4lb at 10pm but the Barbel weren't playing out this time. 

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