Thursday, 23 August 2012

Team work and a PB on the Wye

A return trip to the Wye was scheduled for yesterday and Josh was in tow this time, he actually fancied catching an eel as it is one of his uncaught species and one of my friends caught two last Friday, he would fish worm's on one rod in an attempt to snare a snig. The weather forecast was sunny and a bit if cloud but only 10 minutes from home and we were driving through a biblical storm on the M42, then another on the M5 and then another on the get the drift with this, luckily I had thrown the brolly in the boot so we wouldn't get too wet.  On arrival we were again greeted by rain but after a 5 minute wait in the car we loaded the gear and headed towards the river, it was back down to NSL but was still holding a touch of colour and looked great (when don't they!)
The plan was for Josh to fish his wormy eel rod and I was fishing two rods on a tripod for the resident Barbel, I started fishing caster's on one and a single 8mm pellet on the other until late evening when I would change hookbaits to boilie and double 12mm elips pellet.
It was during the set up that the first disaster of the day occurred, as I was setting up my landing head one of the arms shattered, it was the style of net where the arms are under tension when both are fitted into the spreader block but this net's days of tension were over, I told Josh that any fish we had during the session would have to be landed/scooped up by me and Josh would take the rod just before this stage if he already wasn't the one to hit the bite.

End of the road for this net

It was lucky that we weren't fishing a far bank mark as there were a lot of canoeists travelling down the river, most were over in the far 1/3 rd of the river but the odd one did creep close onto our bank and were almost garroted by my 15lb Suffix, it's amazing the looks that you receive when this happens, my tip to any budding canoeists reading this would be to stick to the half way mark, you should be fairly clear of any garroting activities on that line!
The next item of note was when Josh decided to take a walk upstream from our position and ended up wellie boot deep in mud, he tried to pull himself out for a couple of minutes then gave me the shout as was starting to get worried!  I ended up pulling Josh out leaving his wellies behind and then had to dig his wellies out, he was a total mess at this stage and was sent back to the car to change his gear out, spare clothes are always a necessity where kids and outdoor activities are involved!

Josh on his way back to the car for a freshen up!

The first fish of the day arrived whilst Josh was changing, a Chub about 4lb to the pellet rod, I had a mission and a half to try and land it with my 'limp' net but managed it. A lot of knocks and bangs then ensued for an hour but no further takes, the pellet rod then ragged over and after a definite Chubby battle where the fish tried to snag me on everything it could I landed/scooped a fish of 4lb 12oz, the fish looked as though it was heavier at some stage in its life as it had a huge head and shoulders.

Josh modelling 4lb 12oz Chevin

Dusk was approaching so the rods were re-baited, double glugged 12mm elips on the U/S rod and a 14mm boilie on the D/S rod both carrying feeders, the taps and knocks had now stopped.........  The D/S rod was the first to fold over and a Barbel was hooked, after a good scrap the rod was passed to Josh and I scooped the fish up in the smashed net, 8lb 6oz on the scales and we were off!

Within minutes the re-cast rod was over again and Josh this time took his turn and battled with another Barbel, Josh really had to hold on to this fish and was pretty tired out when I landed the fish, as soon as we had the fish on the mate it was obvious that it would be a new PB, on the scales it went 8lb 1oz and was indeed a new PB.

Josh with his 8lb 1oz PB Barbel

Josh's eel rod had not had any touches for a while and when he retrieved for a re-bait it snagged up and ended up in a lost rig so that rod was left up the bank, next time for the eel. Further Chub hit the net after this, all bar one over 4lb so a good stamp of fish, as Josh nodded off at 11.45pm I hit the last bite of the session and another Barbel of 7lb 8oz was bagged/netted/scooped. The final tally was 4 Chub and 2 Barbel to me and 2 Chub and 1 Barbel to Josh, all the fish had been caught on the D/S rod on boilie.

All in all a good session and I am proud of Josh on his new Barbel PB, it seems that he is quite happy with night fishing and would like to do some more, great with me as I love it to!

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