Friday, 10 August 2012

Meaty Roach

I fished a local day ticket lake after work last night with the better half, the lake itself has started to interest me after tales of large stripey's being caught so I fancied a quick look see for future winter sessions plus I took a chance to wet a line for a couple of hours, it would be rude not too wouldn't it!
We were both fishing float rigs using a combination of corn,meat and caster, I quickly set Lou up and within a couple of minutes she was into her first fish, a nice Crucian was soon netted and held aloft.

I was still setting my rod up when again Lou's float rod took a healthy curve, after a decent scrap a fish was landed that I initially thought was an Ide but after a closer look it turned out to be a Roach/Bream hybrid of about 2lb.

Lou with Roach/Bream Hybrid

Two casts and 2 fish that Lou hadn't caught before, well done indeed! I was finally ready to go and I chose to fish with a light 2BB waggler next to some nearside lillies, I caught from the off, mainly Roach with a few Roach/Bream hybrid's, Perch & Rudd thrown in, most fish were coming on small pieces of meat and the pads were continually bumping and knocking so I was sure a bigger fish would be hooked soon. When the better fish was eventually hooked it wasn't the expected Carp but a minter of a Roach that weighed 1lb 6oz, the largest Roach I had caught for some time.

1lb 6 oz Roach

The next bite was from one of the pad rocking Carp, it stripped 40 yards of line from the reel and as it neared a far bank overhanging tree the hook pulled, oh damn it.....or something like that.
We fished on for a short time then the owner was on his rounds telling us the gates were closing at 8pm so we had 20 minutes to get the gear packed away. An enjoyable session and I am already looking forward to the Roach & Perch in the winter.

Dodgy mince pie

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