Thursday, 16 August 2012

Meaty Carp

I had offered to take a neighbours lad out for a few hours during the holidays and yesterday morning seemed a good time, the weather man stated that by 12 o'clock lunchtime it was going to rain with some added thunder so we planned on fishing the morning and then packing up at 12 or whenever the rain appeared. The venue was again the one I fished with Lou last week and I was still scanning for spots that looked good for my Perch campaign come the colder months. We arrived at just gone 8am and were set up and fishing by 8.30, we fished just a bit further around the pool than the last session, we had a set of lily pads in between our swims so we fished either end of them. Float tactics were deployed with meat or corn on the hook and I also baited with some remaining casters from my Trent session on the previous Saturday.
I was in first cast and it was the Roach again that were first out of the blocks, I had 3 fish all around  8-10oz before they mysteriously disappeared only to be replaced by Bream and Roach/Bream hybrids.  Tom's first fish was a small Crucian.

I stepped up the feed in an attempt to attract one of the Carp that inhabit the lake but the response was Bream between 2 and 3lb's, Tom also got in the Bream act as displayed below.

I then had a further plumb around the swim and I found that the pads were situated on the top of  a ledge around 2 1/2 - 3 feet deep and a few feet off the pads it dropped down to 4 1/2 foot, a new approach was to fish the bottom of that shelf to see if the larger fish were holding back and picking up any loose offerings that were being blown off course in the ever increasing wind. I then baited the size 10 with a large lump of bacon grill and sat back to await event's, it was immediately obvious that the tedious rapid bites that I was receiving next to the pads had gone and the first bite was a slower and more deliberate affair, the resulting strike put a tasty bend in my 13 foot power float rod, job done! After a good tussle a long torpedo shaped Common Carp was in the net.

I re-baited and it wasn't long before any slower bite was connected with and another Carp was dragging me around the near ledge, slightly smaller but good fun all the same.

It was approaching 12 o'clock when the first drops of rain started to fall so we bid a hasty retreat to the car, a few fish had been caught and it was a morning out in the fresh air, happy days.

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