Saturday, 18 August 2012

First of the season

For some reason I have been struggling with Barbel this season, I have fished on 8 occasions targetting them, sometimes not for the entirety of each session but the hours have been put in and I thought I was due a fish or three. Doubts do start to creep into the mind though but I know that my bait, rigs etc are OK as they have caught many fish in the past and Barbel fishing hasn't changed THAT much unless I am missing a trick........Swim selection, conditions and hard stretches of river are all my fall back reasons and I knew that the effort would pay as some stage.

Yesterday I fished on a club stretch of the Wye, on arrival it was 18 inches/2 feet up and chocolate, maybe today was the day. Two friends accompanied me today and we all ended up fishing the same bank but spaced about 200 yards apart between the three of us. Pellet and boilie were the hookbaits with pellet and hemp in the feeders with a plug of groundbait, all simple stuff. I cast in around 4.30pm and sat back in the warm afternoon sun, the journey down from Coventry had been a different affair with heavy rain and lot's or red brake lights and the evenings weather forecast was 'mixed' to say the least!

It wasn't until the early evening that the first fish was caught and it was to the middle of the three of us, a nice 8lb Barbel, he continued to catch fairly steadily and by 9pm he was on 3 Barbel, the end friend was on 1 Barbel and a Chub, my tips remained still.......the demon's were starting to ask their questions, there didn't look to be anything different between the three spots we were fishing, it was nice steady flat water so I thought it would happen at some stage, famous last words I hoped not.

It had rained on and off until about 9.30pm and then it stopped, the sky cleared and the sunset was a nice one, at least I had taken some pictures today!.

It was 9.45pm and the U/S mate had just called me to tell me he had caught 2 eels!  Eeerrrr you can keep them up there I told him, the U/S pellet rod then crashed over and I was in, after a short tussle I had the first Barbel of the season in the net of about 7lbs, happy days indeed!


It then went back to being quiet for me, I had a decent fish roll on 3 occasions right on the boilie rod but it failed to pick up the hookbait and at 11pm I started to pack the gear away. My mates were camping down there so fished on until 12.30 and they told me this morning 'they switched on as you walked back to the car'.......they took further Barbel of 10 & 9lb between them plus other fish, that about sum's up my luck with Barbel at the minute.

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