Thursday, 26 July 2012

Cutting it on the Oxford

A canal session was had last night, the Oxford Canal to be precise on the eastern side of Coventry. Zander were on my mind as I am still to see one in the flesh let alone catch one, Josh was with me and he started by chucking his rubber jointed Roach lookalike lure into various areas, I started on a 4m whip to hand using maggot or worm on the hook. I caught a couple of Roach straight away but keeping the swim gong was difficult due to the amount of pleasure craft continually travelling past, one of the guys on a boat actually told his companion that Josh had caught a fish! No matey it is a rubber lure ..........
We moved around a corner where the canal widenened slightly and I hoped any passing craft would hug the far line instead of over my line.

Josh then discarded the lure rod and set up a heavier outfit with a Zed in mind, hey that was my plan!  I was left catching fish on the whip which if I am honest I was enjoying anyway. A dead Roach that Josh had fished out of the margin was rigged up on a size 4 single and a light float and cast across the cut to nestle tight to the bushes, it looked good......

After around 15 minutes Josh' dead Roach suddenly started moving albeit very slowly, I actually had to walk along the towpath to check that it was moving and yes it was, I told Josh to slowly wind down and then when he felt resistance to pull into the fish, I was sure that it was a Zed as Pike are not usually so subtle when they take, the rod took a curve and I ran to get the net, he got the fish into the edge and then the bloody hooked pulled........he was gutted, I was gutted, the fish probably relieved........

I continued to catch some nice Roach to just under a pound on the whip and a half decent Perch, it has been a long time since I had a session on a canal and it brought back memories as I cut my teeth on them back in Manchester on the Bridgewater around 30 years ago, I am even contemplating looking for a cheap second hand 10m pole!

Josh couldn't beleive that the canal system's in the UK were dug out mainly by hand and were over 150 years old, no excavators in those days.

Josh above with the catch, try as I may I couldn't get the fish to stay neat and tidy for a pic and 2 of the Raoch even managed to slip and slide back into the cut. We will be back down the stretch after the Zeds and I think it will be light leger tactics next time instead of a float for hopefully better bites.

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  1. Hi Danny
    Try roach sections - cut a roach into 3 or 4 pieces depending on size, hook it on exposing hook well. Will catch all sizes even double fiqure pike !

    ATB with it, look forward to the write up about the first one you and josh land.