Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Cash Card, Chub, Keys & a man in an orange suit

Well yesterday Josh and I headed along the M54 towards the middle Severn, I had an idea where we could fish and catch a Barbel or two and also Josh could wear his waders as we would have to wade to get to a gravel patch where we fished from. A mile or two up the road there is a huge metal model of a bird of prey outside a caravan centre, I keep meaning to stop to get a picci with Josh so today was the day!

Josh being attacked

Two rods were used both with feeders, one had a long mono hooklink with caster on the size 10 hook (2 x real & 2 x rubber) and the other rod was fished with a 6mm crab pellet on a braided link to a size 10.

Josh on guard

Regular casting was the order for the first hour to get some bait down but 2 hours in and we hadn't had a bite yet, just the odd knock on the caster rod where the real shell's were nailed by smaller fish. If the smaller fish were getting the caster's then the Barbel were probably not at home was my thinking so it was time for a move. It was during Josh' wade back to terra firma that he shouted me and said he could see a credit card on the bottom, sure enough he fished out a Lloyds TSB cash card, I have today called the Police at Monkmoor station to report the find in case it maybe part of a bigger never know.

Anyway gear back in the car and we were off to another local stretch, on arrival only 1 car was in the car park and I took a chance and headed to a swim downstream and luckily it was free. The swim is basically an old ford that the river then drops into a pool with varying current flows and depths, I kept both rods fairly close in and it was only after 5 minutes when the D/S rod on pellet was away, I told Josh to grab the rod and after a typical Chub fight where it tried to deposit the hook under the near bank we had a fish on the bank. The Chub had great colours on it's fins and flanks and weighed about 3 and a half pounds.

A quick re-cast of both rods and again after 15 minutes the D/S pellet rod was away, this time I had the honour and after a short scrap another Chevin was banked with a notable huge mouth, we didn't weigh the fish but I'd guess it was around 4lb with a large head & shoulders on it, a 5lb fish come the winter months I would guess.

The move seemed to be paying off as both tips were knocking quite regularly so I was now hopeful of a Barbel for one of us, Josh then asked to go back to the car for something so off he toddled as I sat back and relaxed in the evening sun by the glorious river. On Josh's arrival back in the swim some 5 minutes later it was obvious he was very upset about something, my mind was awash with what could have happened to him but it soon became apparent that he had had locked the keys (car & house) in the boot of the car........Oh dear I said (I think)
I had a quick sprint (as quick as I could in thigh waders anyway) back to the car and sure enough the keys could be seen through the rear window on the boot floor, when Josh had unlocked the car and retrieved items from the boot the car automatically locks again if one of the front doors is not opened within 60 seconds, Josh then closed the boot not realising the keys were still in there but it was too late, the car was locked up tight. I got back to the swim and re-baited as we were not going anywhere quickly, I then called the LEX assistance line and it rang and rang and rang and rang, great!  I called one of the guys from work who also has a company car through LEX and he gave me two further numbers, they also rang and rang, I was now getting a bit narked at the whole ordeal. A call to a mate of mine who stays down in the area was made to see if he knew any local garages who would be willing to try and get into my car, he didn't but thought that the RAC were the breakdown service linked to LEX so I gave them a call and hey presto they answered after the first ring! The next stumbling block was that the guy in the call centre 'required' a post code, errrm , errrm, 'I am parked at the end of a dirt track by the river Severn mate' was my reply, 'can you ask the man in the van to call me and I will guide him in'. That was basically what we did, I gave the operator a nearby landmark (a pub!) and the van man who luckily was a fairly local chap was with us by 9.15 which was around 20 minutes after I called them initially. The fishing was finished but needs must hey!
It took the RAC guy around ten minutes to open the car, luckily as the car had self locked the deadlocks were not on so a long steel rod through the drivers door and the interior handle was flicked back and hey presto we were cooking on gas!

Not the ideal end to the session and certainly not the way I had thought it would end but hey ho these things happen don't they, I now have a good excuse to get back in the swim and explore it further!

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