Sunday, 24 June 2012

A quickie for a Tench

I had a few hours today at my disposal so I nipped up the M6 and had a crack on a club water with Tench in mind. On arrival I was happy to see only 1 other car in the parking area so swim choice should be at an optimum. I loaded my newly purchased Carp Porter and headed off up the path, what a difference this thing made, not the usual huffing & puffing on arriving at a swim and I am very glad I bought it. The wind was a WNW so it was along the bank it was blowing into and I settled into a swim fairly quickly, 2 rods on alarms, red maggots in a blockend and rubber corn on a method feeder accompanied with 6 balls of groundbait over the top laced with hemp, dead red's, caster, pellet & corn. I recasted each rod every half an hour to keep the bait going in and it was after about two hours when the RH corn rod ripped off, after an average scrap a male Tench was in the net and went 4.13 on the scales, a real old warrior with scars on both sides of his body, not an unusual thing to see on the Tench in this water.

Apart from a couple of line bites that was about it on the fishing front although I did see a Pike swirl at a mallard so it must have been a decent fish to contemplate having a crack at a duck!
The weather did what it always does when I fish this water, big wind and rain amongst sunny spells and that was the pattern during the session.

I will stick with the Tench for the next couple of weeks as I don't think they have spawned yet, at least not on the waters I am fishing for them, an 8lb-er is the target and I think I only have a short time to try and catch it.

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