Saturday, 30 June 2012

Picking another couple of Olives......

The race is on! The Tench in the waters I am fishing haven't yet carried out their annual love in, probably due to the poor weather that we have endured over the spring and early summer months so at the minute the green machines are still my targets as they are still gaining weight, an 8lb fish is still the goal.
I drove up the M6 this morning in the now usual conditions of spray & rain, every time I head for this water it is like groundhog day, wet and windy! After enduring the crap journey I was happy to find that I was alone as I unlocked the car park gate, a choice of swims would be mine and I quickly got the gear out of the car and set on my way to choose one. I sat on the windward bank for 5 minutes to see if anything popped it's head out to present me with an obvious choice but nothing did so I settled in a swim in the middle of that bank.
Usual methods employed, method with rubber corn on one and magg feeder with red magg/caster on the other plus half a dozen balls of particle enfused groundbait over each spot and I was ready to rock. It took just over an hour for the magg rod to rip off and after a manic scrap a fish was in the net but not before a good Pike tried to nail it just prior to netting, the Esox is a fish that I will be returning for in the winter months to try and lure onto my hooks as A 6lb Tench for it's dinner tells' a stroy in itself! Anyway the first Tench of the day was a long lean female of 6lb on the button, not exactly spawn bound either so maybe my Tenching will continue into July......

As per usual this fish was wearing battle scars, I dont think I have caught Tench from any other water that are as battle damaged as these fish, they have lived a relatively quiet life as the water in question has not been coarse fished before the current club aqquired it 2 years ago so I am not sure what the hell they have been up to!
The rest of the session passed fairly uneventfully until it was packing up time and the corn rod ripped off, again a great scrap ensued and a large male fish hit the net without any Esox on it's tail this time. At 5lb 14oz it was the largest male Tench that I have caught from anywhere and if the story is true about doubling the males size for the optimum female then I know that my water choice is bang on.....

I would like to hear from you fellow Tinca hunters in relation to what your 'local' waters are doing in regards to spawning as the two waters I am currently fishing seem way way behind the norm.

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