Tuesday, 19 June 2012

June 17th Warks Avon

Another session on a slightly lower river on Sunday evening, around 18 inches had dropped off since my early afternoon departure the day before and it looked in good trim, still holding a bit of colour but a slower current speed. Josh was accompanying me on this session and he absolutely loved the route down to the peg, his new chest waders getting the proper use they deserve!

I decided to fish the swim that had produced the Chub the day before and again just 5 minutes after casting in the rod tip was pulling around, a brief ruck and Josh pulled a Chub into the net, on looking at the fish it soon became apparent that it was the same fish that I had caught from the same swim on the same bait just 33 hours earlier!  Weird or what but Josh was a happy chappy so that was all that counted.

A further hour in the swim didn't result in any further action so home we sloshed...........

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