Tuesday, 19 June 2012

June 16th Warks Avon

The opening of the 2012-13 river season was upon us and not without swollen rivers for most of the country! My local Warks Avon was around 4 feet up when I arrived on it's banks on the morning of the 16th, well I didn't arrive, it was more of a slosh as I waded through knee high water to get to my first peg, the river doesn't take much to burst it's banks up on the upper reaches I fish and it had done so with some gusto in places.

My first peg was a notable one in high water conditions and the bait was dropped just off the submerged pallet off the rod end onto a crease line, I sat there for an hour and a half without any indication of fishy misdoings so I moved downstream to see what other pegs looked good to fish. The answer was none particularly as it was either damn near impossible to get to a fishable spot or the river was pushing through too quickly but I did eventually walk into a spot that I knew would be fishable due to the high bank and depth of the river in  normal conditions. Just five minutes after my first cast in to the second peg and the tip was bouncing to a fishy tune, the hope of a first day Barbel soon evaporated and a Chub of around 3lbs was drawn into the net, a very skinny fish that had obviously not long finished spawning. A further hour in the peg resulted in nothing, another move was on the cards....... I then fished the peg below my first swim for half an hour then moved back into the first swim, an hour in and it didn't feel right so I sloshed around up the bank again.
My final 45 minutes was on the inside of a bend that although it didn't look very good it was good enough with the prevalent conditions, again nothing doing so at least the first day didn't end on a blank but the waders had earned their crust!

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