Saturday, 23 June 2012

Josh on Sky Sports & One proud Dad

I have been taking Josh fishing now since he was 4 so that is around 5 years, how time flies.......

He has caught some nice fish in his short fishing career, the first of note was a Tench of 5lb 3oz that he landed on his 4m whip on one of the pools at the Packington estate.

The picture above was sent to both the Angling Times and to Keith Arthur on Tight Lines @  Sky Sports, the picture won the weekly award in the AT and the little man had a new Shakespeare reel in his hands a week or two later. I didn't have a response from Sky/Tight Lines which I thought a little strange as a 5lb Tench on a 4m whip caught by a 5 year old is an accomplishment if you ask me but there again I would wouldn't I..........

Josh's second shoot towards fishy stardom was with a 6lb 2oz Bream caught from the River Severn, this fish won him the Junior picture prize in the corresponding club quarterly magazine, a £100 tackle voucher again dropped through the letter box a few weeks later.

So once again I sent in the picture of Josh's 3lb+ Chub that he caught on the Warks Avon last Sunday, as soon as I saw the picture after taking it I knew that it just looked right, it has taken some time but he is now getting to grips when he holds fish up for the camera.

This time however I received a response from Sky/Tight Lines requesting further details on the catch, bait, rig, tactics etc so I was quietly confident that he may make it on the big screen this time!  I Sky + the weekly showing of Tight Lines so after the initial intro's at the start of this weeks programme the Young Angler section wasn't mentioned so I thought it would be next week.................I was wrong though and when Keith stated that the show had only received one picture of a river fish since June 16th I knew what was coming next.

It makes me so proud of Josh and what he has acheived at the young age of 9, the same age when I started fishing incidentally so he hasn't done too badly and his 5 year head start should hold him in good stead for the future. There are so many distractions for the younger generation nowadays and I really do hope that he sticks at this wonderful sport we love called fishing as I already have ideas of what we can do as he gets older, Catfish on the Ebro, Tiger Fish in Africa, Southern chalk streams for Roach & Grayling and probably a few days in France for a whacking great big Carp.  The targets for this season are Dace and Gudgeon as the little guy hasn't caught these species yet, I would dearly love for him to catch a Barbel on the float also but I won't push him too hard. All in all I think that his fishy apprenticeship is going in the right direction and long may it continue to reach the full professional!


  1. My lads are nearly three and just turned 1 I hope they turn out like your little'un, cannot wait for them to catch their first Perch :)

  2. watched my recoded session of tight lines earlier and spotted your lads photo (didn't know it was him of course) thought it was a great catch. Well done Josh keep it up!

  3. Keep it up Josh! Kick your dad's butt! Top lad.

  4. I saw this and it clicked after a while . He must of been chuffed as it was the only river fish on there .....

    Also heard Jan porter mention one of the bloggers off here several times ha ha ha..


  5. Cheers Guys it's much appreciated. Yes Baz you are right about the dropped name, I picked up on that too.

  6. Hi Danny

    If its dace and Gudgeon your after for josh and have a couple of evening hours spare try out the hotel and Oxford road stretches , run a stick through and you should come up trumps