Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A new venue

It was another first time venue for Josh and I last weekend, again it was about an hour’s journey from Coventry which most venue’s we fish tend to be with the exception of the very local upper Warks Avon.

Two friends of mine were already fishing at the venue and early signs looked good with a Tench lost and one caught,  apparently they had both raked their swims for 15-20 minutes prior to fishing as the weed growth was quite heavy in places but prior knowledge meant that our rake was in the boot of the car and would be put to use if required. On arriving at the venue I was pleasantly surprised with how the place looked, heavily tree lined along two of the banks, gin clear water and set in a fairly rural quiet location, great!

The wind was hacking down the right of the lake but I did note that my two mates were fishing on the opposite bank some walk away, with the little man in tow I plumped for a peg at the windward bank to see how things progressed. The first swim we chose was a rocky bank with some very large rocks in the immediate margin but with a very definitive drop off directly behind them. A couple of chucks out with the rake brought in very little weed but what was apparent was the angle of the rope of the rake when it finally settled on the bottom! The first cast with the method feeder resulted in a drop of around 5 seconds so I estimated that I was fishing in 12-15 feet of water which if I am honest was a little too deep for margin patrolling Tench but I did know that some fish were caught in the area just 7 days ago, we would give it a couple of hours to see what unfolded.  What actually unfolded were calls & texts from my two mates from the opposite end of the lake telling me that fish were being caught/rolling etc so I knew that a move was in order…….

A quick chat with Josh resulted in a bit of gear being deposited in the car on-route so the load would be lightened so his chair, extra groundbait and a few other bits were put in the car before we hiked around the far bank. On arriving there I noticed what a much more scenic lake it looked from this bank, glad I had moved just for the view!  The rake was borrowed from Danny and between Josh and I (me throwing with Josh retrieving) we took about 15 minutes to remove as much weed from the peg as we could. The new peg was a little less deep as the rocky margin with what I would guess as around 6-8 feet of water and 2 rods were cast out, method feeder with corn on the hook and in-line feeder with red maggot.  Out of my 2 mates fishing the next two pegs down to the left, Danny (middle out of the 3 of us) was the one catching and funnily enough it was one of his two rods that was providing him with the majority of the fish even though his baited hooks were probably only about 10 yards apart. John had earlier lost a good fish and then bathed that wound in glory with a gorgeous Tench of 7lb exactly, Danny had also just hit a new PB with a fish of 6.02 (below).It was obvious that there were fish in the area but our rods just 30 yards along the bank were untroubled apart from a couple of bleeps.

I took some time out during the late afternoon and explored further along the bank, the lake seemed to relatively uniform in the way of a shallow marginal shelf running out for a rod length before a definitive drop off, the water did look as though it was down about 2-3 feet and if brim full (fat chance at present!) then the nearside shelf would probably be a viable option for the Tinca’s.
                                                        Josh with Dan's 6.01

 The rest of the session past uneventfully as far as the fishing was concerned with the bites dropping away for the other anglers on the lake that were getting any bites to start with and it was about 8.30pm that we trudged back to the car beaten on the day but not beaten in the war. I will definitely be back on the water even though the running stuff is available in only 5 days time, the Tench on this water plus another I have been fishing are far from spawning and most of the females have some weight to pack on, I may stick at the Tench until mid July at this rate which isn’t a bad thing.

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  1. I bet it won't be long before Josh is passing on tips to you!