Saturday, 23 June 2012

If only every day at work was like this.........

As a service manager for a large company producing Construction machinery I get out and about across the UK quite a lot. Last week was one of those days and I found myself travelling towards Ludlow from Coventry, I had been told by the customer I was visiting that he was working alongside a river installing a hydro/elec generator to provide power for a large country estate that the river meandered through. My thoughts of the exact river in question were confirmed as I travelled through various locations that were all located on the banks of the Teme and on viewing the river at various locations along the latter part of the journey it was obvioulsy still holding a bit of water after the recent downpours thyat we had suffered. On ariving at the site it was indeed located on a weir, the hydro/elec equipment being installed on the side of the weir where a run off would provide the water flow to operate the generator.

The weir pool looked as good as it get's and after a quick chat to the customer it was a definate NO NO to any fishing within the estate, a shame as I bet there were Barbel crawling all over the pool that would be ready for a pellet or two.......
A shame indeed but a very nice place to be and it made a pleasant change to the usual locations that I have to visit to meet customers and their poorly machines!

I will probably be back on site this week so I may just ask the question to the estate manager this time about the fishing!

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