Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Four Olive's

An early start was made and on leaving Coventry @ 5.30am the temp was only 4.5 deg C but it was a nice morning and for once it was dry! On arriving at the fishery there were three other anglers on but the area I wanted to fish was clear so I set up the two feeder rigs, one a blockend with maggot, caster & chopped worm and the other a small method feeder with a 6mm crab pellet as hookbait. I sat back and watched the local bird life go about their daily chores, there doesn't seem to be any young birds about yet this year but it does seem as though the fights between the males for mates that I witnessed a few weeks back have ceased and the birds have paired off to begin their annual rituals.

I continued to recast every 20 minutes or so on both rods and I even fished the float for 30 minutes before the wind strengthened so that was the end of the float rod for the day. It was fairly quiet on the Tench front but a couple of low double figure Carp had been caught by another angler but early afternoon I started to get a couple of liners on the LH rod and I also spotted a couple of fish roll in the area I was fishing, this generally led to a take so fingers were crossed at that point! Sure enough not long after the liners began the LH rod was away and I lifted into a fish, after a good scrap a nice Tench was in the net and just as I was about to lift the fish out and onto the mat the RH rod ripped off, after another good scrap a slightly smaller Tench was also in the net. After sorting the two fish out the weights came in at 6.11 & 5.09, the larger of the two fish was a very pale yellow/green colour and almost looked like an ornamental fish in the water.

With the fish returned and the rods back out it was the LH rod that was away again and another Tinca was soon in the net, this one weighing 5.05. I then missed a run on the RH method feeder rod and then the LH rod was away yet again, another good scrap and a dark 6.09 was on the bank.

All this action had occurred in an hour so they were obviously arriving in the swim from somewhere as all was quiet elsewhere around the water. That seems to be the trend for Tench in the spring (if you can call it that) they seem to have a munch during the day which makes the need to night fish or very early sessions not required just quite yet. I had one more run again on the blockend feeder with caster on the hook and another Tench that looked to be over 6lb was brought towards then net, this fish took a last gasp dive just short of the net and the fact that the clutch was set a notch too tight resulted in the hook pulling, bad angling on my side and I was a bit peed with myself for that. All in all a very satisfactory result and I am going to keep going on this particular water in an atempt to catch one of the heavier females in 6-8 weeks time weather permitting!

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  1. Lovely tench Dan well in ....next on my list and bream as well .....the weathers been annoying me though pal....

    Baz Peck