Sunday, 27 May 2012

Flying on the Sow

The local stretch of the River Sow (Warks Avon trib) is only 1/2 a mile from home and as I had caught a fair few Brown Trout from there amongst the coarse fish during the coarse season I decided a visit with the fly fishing gear was in order. The gear was pulled down from the loft where it had laid since my move South some 5 years ago, initially purchased for Grayling fishing on the Dane, Dove & Dee it had laid dormant for a while so now was the time to get it moving again!
I arrived at the spot which has recently undertaken some EA work to create a 'fish pass' not sure which fish will actually 'pass' through here and where they maybe going to and from but there you go it has happened.
The picture below shows on the very left a concrete weir like structure that used to span across the river, this had crumbled at the far end and all the flow was diverted through a 6 foot wide gap on the far end, beyond that was a nice 5 foot deep pool that held Chub, Perch, Trout and Regy Crays......

The concrete sill has now been completely removed (I will add a pic this week) so the flow now is now concentrated on the far & near bank, joing together to the right of the pic above, the pic I add will show this hopefully.

Anyway back to the night in question, Josh was trying out his new Chest Waders that we bought for him for his 9th birthday just a few days earlier and I think the pic with the fly rod in hand makes him look a natural!

Josh didn't do too bad considering he hadn't flung a fly before, I was casting reasonably after a few minutes back in the saddle and after a couple of pattern changes I finally hit into a small Brownie about 10-12oz.
I then showed Josh where the fly had to be for the take and after a few casts he hit into a fish that tore off but threw the hook, the next cast however produced another take and his first Trout splashed it's way to the net!


  1. i have lived next to the river sowe all my life and have seen many attempts to stock it over those 40 odd years . it has now become a viable fishery and the 1/2 pound chub and 4oz roach i caught earlier in the year i rate as my greatest ever catches. the trout come from stoneleigh abbey when they set up a river trout fishery the bailiff came from packington as i remember

  2. It's great to see such fish coming out of the Sowe, Danny, and you know how I feel about this little river. Hopefully brownies will make their way upstream, populate the middle reaches and especially all the very shallow, straightened and widened sections where only a trout or a grayling could live and thrive.

    And Josh looks a seasoned pro in his waders! Terrific stuff. Makes me smile knowing that the river is coming through and that young anglers like Josh are going to be the future of the river as a fishery

  3. Thanks for the comments guys, I believe that the Trout in question originated from the garden centre just downstream, either the river flooded into the pool where they were living or they were put into the river due to a problem with the pool are both stories I have heard, my largest from the spot I fish is approaching 3lb which for the river in question is one fine spotty!