Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Carping on the Wild side

Josh and I ventured onto a club water for the first time last Saturday, it is a lake that sits next to an old monastery, dammed at one end and a small stream running into the other, very coloured water that has overgrown banks and set amongst very scenic surroundings.
On arriving it was clear that some of the Carp had other things on their mind's as groups of fish could be seen swimming around in the margins, sometimes stopping off for a thrash around in the first proceedings of spawning, we would give it a go anyway and a few looked up for a bait on the surface too which was Josh's target for the day.
We began at the shallower end and after firing some floating pellets onto the surface a few Carp started taking interest but unfortuantely not in Josh's bait and they soon melted away or only took bait that had floated under a nearside tree. Whilst Josh continued to try to tempt them out to open water I had a bite on my second cast on the method feeder and a turbo charged Carp shot across the pool spooking several other fish on route, after a terrific scrap which tested the 1.5lb Avon rod and 8lb line to the limit a Carp was landed around 4lb in weight looking to me a true Wild Carp, long and lean with a huge head and mouth. The fish was shedding milt on the mat so they were obvioulsy close to spawning indeed.

The fish were not responding to surface baits in Josh's peg so we moved back up the pool and settled on a staged peg where there looked to be some action on the surface, Josh started to put some floating pellets out whilst I tackled up behind him, whilst I was doing that I noticed a couple of Carp that had come right into the staging to take the pellets that had dropped short, Josh at this time was blissfully unaware of the fact so I suggested that he offered a bait close in and stepped back to gain their confidence, a short time later the clutch was singing as a fish was hooked,  after another good battle a scaly mirror around 4lb was in the net and it was mission accomplished for Josh catching one off the surface!

Another move was then made to a slightly shadier spot as the temperature was hitting 28 degree's and Josh was starting to waiver a bit (just like I was!). Another method rod was put out in the margins whilst I set up a float rod, Josh continued to fire floating pellet's out in an attempt to draw some slightly larger Carp up to the surface that were mooching around the area. The method rod was the next one to fly off and as Josh was sat next to it I suggested that he quickly picked the thing up as the tip was bending round at an alarming rate as the fish made off, after another great scrap a Wildie of about 5lb was duly netted.

The decison was then made to head home as little man was ready to pass out in the heat and the thought of him being sunburnt wasn't a good one....not before he managed to catch a Roach of about 10oz on a floating pellet.

The opening of the river season is fast heading our way and even though I said a while back that I was keen to stay on my Tench water in an attempt to catch the larger females I know that is going to be difficult, I have been preparing a swim or three on my local Warks Avon and baiting them fairly regularly in an attempt to catch an early season Barbel and whilst I was out flinging fluff on the Sow I saw some swims that were begging for a float to be run through them, the thought that this has probably not been done before or for some time does tempt me.........we will see.


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Flying on the Sow

The local stretch of the River Sow (Warks Avon trib) is only 1/2 a mile from home and as I had caught a fair few Brown Trout from there amongst the coarse fish during the coarse season I decided a visit with the fly fishing gear was in order. The gear was pulled down from the loft where it had laid since my move South some 5 years ago, initially purchased for Grayling fishing on the Dane, Dove & Dee it had laid dormant for a while so now was the time to get it moving again!
I arrived at the spot which has recently undertaken some EA work to create a 'fish pass' not sure which fish will actually 'pass' through here and where they maybe going to and from but there you go it has happened.
The picture below shows on the very left a concrete weir like structure that used to span across the river, this had crumbled at the far end and all the flow was diverted through a 6 foot wide gap on the far end, beyond that was a nice 5 foot deep pool that held Chub, Perch, Trout and Regy Crays......

The concrete sill has now been completely removed (I will add a pic this week) so the flow now is now concentrated on the far & near bank, joing together to the right of the pic above, the pic I add will show this hopefully.

Anyway back to the night in question, Josh was trying out his new Chest Waders that we bought for him for his 9th birthday just a few days earlier and I think the pic with the fly rod in hand makes him look a natural!

Josh didn't do too bad considering he hadn't flung a fly before, I was casting reasonably after a few minutes back in the saddle and after a couple of pattern changes I finally hit into a small Brownie about 10-12oz.
I then showed Josh where the fly had to be for the take and after a few casts he hit into a fish that tore off but threw the hook, the next cast however produced another take and his first Trout splashed it's way to the net!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Four Olive's

An early start was made and on leaving Coventry @ 5.30am the temp was only 4.5 deg C but it was a nice morning and for once it was dry! On arriving at the fishery there were three other anglers on but the area I wanted to fish was clear so I set up the two feeder rigs, one a blockend with maggot, caster & chopped worm and the other a small method feeder with a 6mm crab pellet as hookbait. I sat back and watched the local bird life go about their daily chores, there doesn't seem to be any young birds about yet this year but it does seem as though the fights between the males for mates that I witnessed a few weeks back have ceased and the birds have paired off to begin their annual rituals.

I continued to recast every 20 minutes or so on both rods and I even fished the float for 30 minutes before the wind strengthened so that was the end of the float rod for the day. It was fairly quiet on the Tench front but a couple of low double figure Carp had been caught by another angler but early afternoon I started to get a couple of liners on the LH rod and I also spotted a couple of fish roll in the area I was fishing, this generally led to a take so fingers were crossed at that point! Sure enough not long after the liners began the LH rod was away and I lifted into a fish, after a good scrap a nice Tench was in the net and just as I was about to lift the fish out and onto the mat the RH rod ripped off, after another good scrap a slightly smaller Tench was also in the net. After sorting the two fish out the weights came in at 6.11 & 5.09, the larger of the two fish was a very pale yellow/green colour and almost looked like an ornamental fish in the water.

With the fish returned and the rods back out it was the LH rod that was away again and another Tinca was soon in the net, this one weighing 5.05. I then missed a run on the RH method feeder rod and then the LH rod was away yet again, another good scrap and a dark 6.09 was on the bank.

All this action had occurred in an hour so they were obviously arriving in the swim from somewhere as all was quiet elsewhere around the water. That seems to be the trend for Tench in the spring (if you can call it that) they seem to have a munch during the day which makes the need to night fish or very early sessions not required just quite yet. I had one more run again on the blockend feeder with caster on the hook and another Tench that looked to be over 6lb was brought towards then net, this fish took a last gasp dive just short of the net and the fact that the clutch was set a notch too tight resulted in the hook pulling, bad angling on my side and I was a bit peed with myself for that. All in all a very satisfactory result and I am going to keep going on this particular water in an atempt to catch one of the heavier females in 6-8 weeks time weather permitting!