Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Unsettled weather.....

A couple of further sessions were done at the Tench stillwater without any fish at all, the weather being very cold on one of them with an easterly keeping the temp to well below double figures.

It was time to take the boys out on a local commercial to dust off their winter cobwebs, again the weather wasn't doing us any favours and on arriving there the catch reports for the day were not good. We all kicked off using a float, caster or corn the bait but not a great deal happened, I was missing a lot of rapid bites on double caster and eventually landed a Bream about a pound. The boys were still to catch amongst the inevitable tangles etc after their lay off!
We then moved further down the lake into an area that I thought a) maybe deeper b) more cover was available so the fish may still be tucked under that.

The change of swim allowed me to catch a few more fish, Roach to 10oz and a couple more Bream and it looks a good spot for the warmer (if we ever get any) weather, the boys were still biteless but they did hang on in there!

Back on the Tench water on Thursday so fingers crossed......

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