Saturday, 21 April 2012

Unsettled weather pt 2...............

Josh and I arrived at the chosen venue finding only two other anglers on, we quickly found a peg and got started, a maggot feeder rod for each of us and I also put a float rod out also using maggots/casters.
I had chosen a slightly shallower part of the venue today as all my previous sessions had been on the deeper side, and catches at the minute were not that consistant from anywhere so I thought it a good time to check out a new area.
The weather (again) was terrible for most of the day with heavy rain, wind and hailstones battering us in the bivvy in between calm sunny periods.

Despite fishing for 8 hours and fishing well we didn't have a bite all day, I only saw two fish move on the surface all day and the resident grebe population were constantly moving all over the water all day trying to find a meal rather than staying in one area as previously witnessed.
The long term weather forecast shows a slight rise in temps, reaching a heady 17 deg C next weekend  but there is still the threat of rain on most days.............

Never mind, a bad days fishing is still better than a good day at work!

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